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Friday, 11 November 2016

St David must be turning in his grave

Abp Barry Morgan's legacy: Desolation. Note the dual translations. Point made!

This video must rank as one of the most contemptuous of an organisation's membership ever made. The Archbishop of Wales speaks in Welsh with English subtitles in supposed deference to Welsh speakers while the 'Welsh speaking' bishop-elect speaks in English with Welsh subtitles for the benefit of those who do not understand what she is talking about. 

Forget the Landsker line and 'little England beyond Wales', this is about women in the church. The ability to communicate in Welsh has been marginalised to accommodate a woman of Barry Morgan's choice. He protests that his nominee has nothing to do with the fact that she is a woman but that she is the best person to be a bishop. If you swallow that you will swallow anything. 

Postscript [15.11.2016]

‘Sacred Synod’ to confirm Bishop of St Davids’ election - Provincial News Press release:

The Archbishop of Wales, Dr Barry Morgan, said, "The Constitution of the Church in Wales requires all episcopal elections to be confirmed by the other bishops meeting in Sacred Synod. This will be a public meeting and, should any member of the Church in Wales wish to draw any matter to the bishops’ attention in relation to this episcopal election, they are invited to attend the meeting in person."

An opportunity for Dr Barry Morgan to wear a laurel leaf crown as the Church in Wales enters her death throes?


  1. Any clue given for the point of this video, which probably did not come cheap?
    I note Canon Penberthy now talks as the Abp.,and skilfully distorts the facts with regard to the essential need for Credo Cymru for traditional oversight.
    The signs are that an appointment of a Provincial Assistant Bishop wil take a very very very long time.

    1. Just another 'skilfully' crafted comment, which confirms that we are wasting our time. Simple Soul'? You have to go to grow. Credo has no 'credo' left worth considering.

    2. I can't agree more. I had all but given up on Forward in Faith after Geoffrey Kirk left and crossed the Tiber - I look up the Trushare site now only for back numbers! As to what direction to take I am reminded of Blessed John Newman in the hymn 'Lead Kindly Light'.

    3. I have long viewed Dr. Kirk, in the acuity and wit of his writing, as the Elisha to the Elijah of Dom Gregory Dix. Kirk's recent book, *Without Precedent: Scripture, Tradition, and the Ordination of Women*, published in February of this year by the American publisher Wipf and Stock, is a perfect delight as it eviscerates the arguments and "evidence" of proponents of priestesses. I must have given at least a half-dozen copies of the book to various of my friends.

      I trust that the book is known to Y Prydeiniwr Hynafol.

  2. Does Y Prydeiniwr Hynafol think that we shall soon see another flaminica - my term, appropriately a good pagan one - in wales soon?

    1. Dr Morgan has demonstrated that anything is possible in his church other than orthodoxy. Y Prydeiniwr Hynafol.