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Friday, 8 April 2016

Bishops should apologise for hurt caused to ignored faithful Anglicans

Source: Gay Times

The above photograph is entirely apposite to the circumstances the Church finds herself in as the pews continue to empty. The Gay Times published an article titled "Archbishop of Wales apologises for LGBT prejudice" under a picture of a nave full of empty seats which appears to be the ultimate desire of many bishops as they follow secular trends instead of proclaiming the Gospel to make new disciples. The bishops make claims with no supporting evidence. By contrast there is strong evidence of prejudice and bullying of the faithful here.

Reports of the bishops' strategy have been widespread including this from The Independent:

The Church in Wales did publish a series of prayers which can be said with a couple following the celebration of a civil partnership or civil marriage. "We, as bishops, feel that this is the right thing to do at this time. I realise that some people will regard these prayers as too little too late and others will regard them as a step too far. No one is compelled to use them, but they are provided for those who would like to do so. These prayers do not constitute a service of blessing."

The prayers may not constitute a service of blessing but it will be hard to spot the difference where there is a will to introduce same sex marriage using their 'stepping stones' strategy. As I have been told many times, familiarity will make it appear normal.

The bishops should be ashamed of themselves for having flouted the will of Church members after wasteful consultation exercises. ++Barry has tried every trick in the book to legitimise his thinking and has failed so he he gone illegitimate.

The same sex marriage consultation was a farce, designed only to test the water for sufficient votes to introduce legislation, as was the GB exercise. No matter what views were expressed or how members of the Church in Wales voted ++Barry's agenda is clear. The more women the better, the gayer the better. 

While there can be "no official acceptance of gay marriage or of blessings in the Church in Wales yet", with ++Barry's blessing there can be prayers which will be used to the same effect.

The bishops' duplicitous actions debase Mother Church. They should apologise to the faithful unreservedly.


  1. Well....there are one or two clergy persons whose equilibrium the Archbishop wishes to maintain?

  2. Cambridge Online Dictionary defines: blessing noun (RELIGIOUS WORDS)
    a ​request by a ​priest for ​God to take ​care of a ​particular ​person or a ​group of ​people, or God's ​act of doing this.
    How therefore is this prayer given by the Bench, not a blessing?
    For the couple

    Father God, whose will it is that all people should find fullness of life in your Son, we thank you for N and N, who have found such love and companionship in each other, that it has led them to dedicate their lives in support of one another. Look upon them with loving kindness; strengthen their commitment and their faithfulness, their joy in one another and in you, and so guide the paths of their future that they may walk in the ways of life and peace all the days of their life. Amen.