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Saturday, 2 April 2016

Archbishop's intervention argues for Brexit!

Source: Wales Online

Wales online reports that the Archbishop of Wales, who, in his episcopal capacity represents just 1% of the population of Wales, "urges Wales to vote to stay in the European Union".

Given his record of duff appointments and the state of the Church in Wales under his stewardship, the fact that Dr Morgan is in favour of remaining in the EU suggests that exit is probably advisable.

Average Sunday attendance has dwindled to around 30,000. Under his stewardship the Church in Wales faces extinction. With no accountability Dr Morgan has pursued a flawed agenda with his fixation on gay 'rights' culminating in a GB exercise to accept same sex marriage, reflecting the whims of a secular society rather than making disciples of all nations, Dr Morgan has followed a policy modelled on the example of the fatally flawed Episcopal Church of the United States.

As the Archbishop approaches retirement age, coincidentally the forthcoming meeting of the Governing Body of the Church in Wales is to consider the retirement age for clergy but fears that this had  been inspired by the Mugabe instinct of self perpetuation may be unfounded.

To their credit the Age Limits Working Group (Para. 29) favours retention of a compulsory retirement age for clergy believing that...
"this is justifiable, in terms of the Equality Act 2010, for a number of reasons. First, while recognising the high proportion of clergy approaching the current retirement age, the Group believes the future needs and mission of the Church would best be served by taking all steps necessary to encourage more (and younger) vocations rather than by permitting clergy to stay longer in office. A second reason is to avoid the potential tensions and harm – both to an organisation and to individuals – which can arise when it is deemed necessary to invoke capability procedures because of the declining performance of someone with long and valued service. Through Terms of Service the Church now has a mechanism to manage ‘competency’ issues but it would be undesirable for all involved for this to be used as a means of bringing about retirements. A third reason is that retention of a retirement age will, in time, provide the opportunity to achieve a better gender balance, particularly amongst clergy in senior posts. As the 2015 ‘Report on Representation of Women in the Church in Wales’ has shown, women are still significantly under-represented in senior posts. In 2014 only 11% of Bishops, Deans, Archdeacons and Area Deans were women. In part this is because women have only been ordained priest in the Church in Wales since 1996. But retirement of senior clerics now provides much more opportunity to select from both genders as many more women clerics have been ordained for sufficient time to have acquired the necessary experience for such posts. Retention of a compulsory retirement age also provides more opportunities for ‘career progression’ to senior appointments generally."

I would go further. The position of Archbishop should be subject to re-election after three years at the most to avoid repeating the sort of agenda which has split the Church resulting in faithful worshippers virtually excommunicated, attendance at an all time low and the demise of the historic Parish system. Without revival the Church in Wales has had its day. Headship must give way to leadership with a chance to change if leadership is not clearly demonstrated.


  1. a long chilling and sinister paragraph from the committee.

    How will this bankrupt body pay both the pensions of the retired AND their replacements?

    But we see that the dogma of equality trumps the evil that will ensue from ruptured parishes.

    When the UK pension age overtakes the statutory CiW and CoE age perhaps they will think again.

    1. I suspect there won't be paid replacements. I gather, with no open discussions, Monmouth and other Dioceses are simply slipping in Local Ordained Ministers, many of whom have failed the selection process but are now being ordained deacons with no selection or training, then Priested after some training.
      Isn't all ministry local, and a priest a priest?
      Scary to be having a two tier system, when many people are unaware of it.
      Are we admitting that our selection process has been wrong all these years?

  2. The flood of people leaving Llandaff Cathedral alone has brought the average Sunday attendance down to well under 30,000 which is why the weekly attendances/communicant numbers have not been published in The Bell since 2015.
    There's still no sign of the Annual report and Accounts which is the first time in living memory that they have not been available before Easter Sunday.

  3. What I find worrying in this latest press statement is that the Archbishop is actually telling people what to vote, and using the CiW to do so, it is on the CiW website as a press statement. So we are literally paying for it whether we agree or not.
    I gather from a friend in Llandaff Diocese that Clergy moral is at an all time low, perhaps the chief Shepherd should spend time helping his own flock before they all jump over the fence.........

    1. Morgan's idea of boosting morale is taking his wimmin clergy off to Oxford for some team building exercises while St. Michael's conference centre continues struggling to make ends meet.

  4. So is the Archbishops speaking from a Christian point of view,a political standpoint or consideration of a career in the Sensdd on retirement?

  5. All four points of view Simple Soul - by 'Divine Permission'.

  6. Stop the Abuse of Office3 April 2016 at 11:26

    Bugger barry.
    Barry couldn't run a corner shop.
    Pay some attention to someone who knows how to run a business.

  7. You refer to the Archbishop of the Church in Wales, Barry Morgan, as the "Archbishop of Wales in his episcopal capacity representing just 1% of the population of Wales". Would it therefore be in order Ancient Briton, if I introduce myself as the elected Member of Parliament for Llanddewibrefi?