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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Christianity before Islam

The spread of Christianity by the 7th Century when Islam was being established in Arabia.

On Newsnight Last night Rowan Williams, the former Archbishop of Canterbury spoke about the plight of Christians and Muslims in the Middle East under the IS threat. Link here [advance to 14.47 - sadly not available outside the UK but the message in the picture is clear]. There is a narrative of 'How Christianity's Eastern history has been forgotten' here. An interesting perspective with a follow-up interview by Evan Davies offering a more balanced view of the problem after President Obama's recent reflections.

Prince Charles has expressed his alarm at young people being radicalised yet he still suggests that as King he should defend all faiths: "He believed an important part of the role was to be a 'protector of faiths', defending every religion in multicultural Britain". Why anyone would want to protect a faith which seeks to do away with all others is a mystery, especially coming from the heir to the throne and future Defender of the Faith given The Great Commission.

"All of our people are suffering.They lost everything but they didn't loose their faith in Christ. Christ is in their hearts." - Archbishop Athanasias speaking of Christians in the Syrian Orthodox Church.

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