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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Islamist extremism in Birmingham and Mosul

Today, the government defines extremism as "vocal or active opposition to fundamental British values, including democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs." - Source here.

From the Government Report "Tackling extremism in the UK": 
"There is a range of extremist individuals and organisations, including Islamists, the far right and others. As the greatest risk to our security comes from Al Qa’ida and like-minded groups, and terrorist ideologies draw on and make use of extremist ideas, we believe it is also necessary to define the ideology of Islamist extremism. [1.4] This is a distinct ideology which should not be confused with traditional religious practice. It is an ideology which is based on a distorted interpretation of Islam, which betrays Islam’s peaceful principles, and draws on the teachings of the likes of Sayyid Qutb."

Either with an eye on voting intentions or with its head buried deep in the oil bearing sand Her Majesty's Government continues to perpetuate the myth that Islam is a religion of peace. But that is not peace as we understand the word. In Islamic terms there will be peace when all have been converted to Islam. Before Cameron, Blair, Bush and Clinton all had the same message of 'peace' in the video "Islam - What The West Needs To Know":

Clinton says in the introduction, "No religion condones the murder of innocent men, women and children". Try telling that now to Mosul's last Christians as they flee Iraq after a weekend ultimatum left Mosul residents with three choices: convert to Islam, pay jizya (a poll tax levied on non-Muslims), or die at the hands of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), see here

As Serge Trifkovic says in response [move forward to position 3.30], "The tendency of Western political leaders to deny the connection between orthodox Islamic mainstream and terrorist violence is replicated in the Universities and the media, wherever you look both in Western Europe and  in North America. The members of the elite class have this tendency to proclaim Islam, some mysterious authentic Islam, to be peaceful and to be tolerant and those Muslims prone to violence are proclaimed to be non-representative. Well I would really appreciate if people who make such claims could then explain the continuity of violence from the earliest day of Islam, from the earliest days of the prophet and his immediate successors throughout the thirteen centuries of recorded history".

As if to prove the point, the above mentioned Government Report from the Prime Minister’s Task Force on Tackling Radicalisation and Extremism refers to "a distorted interpretation of Islam, which betrays Islam’s peaceful principles". So when will there be a peaceful end to the Islamic persecution of Christian minorities around the world? When they are dead or fled?

Less extreme but with the same motives Islamist activists have been at work in Birmingham schools (here). In his investigations, Peter Clarke the former head of counter-terrorism found evidence of a "sustained" attempt to impose hard line Muslim views (interview here). He found an "intolerant and aggressive" Islamist ethos in some Birmingham schools brought about by governors intent on promoting an ultra-conservative version of their faith. That ethos included homophobia, sexism, antipathy to other forms of Islam and in one case denial that Private Lee Rigby had been killed by Islamic extremists (here).

"Islam is on track to become the dominant religion in Britain within the next generation, according to new census data published by the British government" (here). Unless members of the "elite class" take the trouble to understand the true nature of the religious ideology which results in submission wherever Islam dominates it will not be long before we in Britain will be invited to "convert to Islam, pay jizya (a poll tax levied on non-Muslims), or die".

The Rorate Caeli blog is carrying the story from Le Figaro, "Why the Global Conspiracy of Silence on Persecution of Christians in Iraq?" Why indeed? Who next?


  1. Llandaff Pelican23 July 2014 at 17:38

    There have been Christians in Mosul since the 2nd Century. It was a Chaldean Bishopric in the 6th. Muslims and Christians have lived peaceably in that city for centuries. These exiled Christians can trace their continuity back to the earliest Christian missions. This is a disaster for Christians and for genuine Muslims (as opposed to the twisted ISIS terrorists who are no more Muslims than protestant and catholic terrorists in 1970s Belfast were Christians) in Mosul. We need to keep the Arabic 'N' as visible as possible, because the Western media are not interested. Judging from his silence on the issue, nor is Byzantine Barry. I guess he didn't want to eclipse all the girly giggling after the York synod vote. He probably thinks that one of the most ancient forms of Christianity is irrelevant. The hospital in Palestine gets a mention. Was that funded from a discretionary account, I wonder?

    Also, we need to be careful about speaking of Western Muslims who are being radicalised by ISIS, Al-Quaeda and Boko Haram as if they are typical representatives of what Islam is meant to be, They're not. Most Muslims I know are appalled by what is happening in Mosul (and seem better informed about it than the Christian community).

    1. How did you get on with your PCC over the issue of bully boy ++Bazza confiscating collections at confirmations and ordinations to fund his "discretionary" Mission Fund?

  2. Llandaff Pelican24 July 2014 at 11:43

    You may remember that I offered a sample resolution and said I would be prepared to do it if others joined me. Otherwise it would be seen as a rather pathetic (and easily ridiculed) gesture. So far, no other firm offers of support.

    In the meantime PLEASE let's not allow the vital urgency of the topic of this thread to be obscured by diverting our attention away to more domestic matters. I would hope that those who value the historic faith of the Church will be infinitely more concerned about the plight of the Mosul Christians than what's in Byzantine Barry's coffers. That can wait for another day. Perhaps a few more people than me can join forces to ask the obfuscating Anna Morrell why this urgent issue is not being addressed by the Archbishop or the Church in Wales media briefings?

  3. In fairness LP, you raised the question "Was that funded from a discretionary account, I wonder?" in your first comment. I was interested in what support your suggestion received.

    There's an ideal opportunity to pose some difficult questions very publicly to His ++Darkness coming up soon.