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Saturday, 19 July 2014

Oh well done girls!

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From Christian Today (here): "Women and the Church (WATCH) had set its sights on seeing the Anglican Church welcome female bishops. Now that it's been agreed, it's time to look at which other structures prevent women flourishing and progressing within the Church. It's not enough to allow women to be church leaders, when there are much stronger, subliminal forces at work, argues Jody Stowell, vicar of St Michael's and All Angels Harrow and on the WATCH leadership team".

"Our liturgies are very male, our songs are male, there's lots of male language for God – and our language creates our world," says Stowell. "When women go into that situation, they are constantly imbibing the fact that God's male and it's not really a place for them."

And here: The General Synod meeting in York backed a proposal to allow clergy to "dress down" at services and exchange the robes and other vestments worn at Morning and Evening Prayer and Holy Communion for more casual clothing.

Having already observed some female creativity in the getting noticed department the mind boggles when our liturgies become very female, our songs are female and there's lots of female language for God.

In the micro world the Church of England now inhabits this is seen as being relevant to society. In the real world of mother Church, this is the reality: "The decision to ordain women, which the Church of England took in 1992, damaged the relationships between our Churches, and the introduction of female bishops has eliminated even a theoretical possibility for the Orthodox to recognize the existence of apostolic succession in the Anglican hierarchy" (here). 

Fond of asking rhetorical questions liberals like to ask what would Jesus have done if there is no biblical evidence to support their argument. Well there is here. More on Unity in the Church here.

Oh, very well done girls! 


  1. Llandaff Pelican19 July 2014 at 10:52

    So a comment left on an earlier thread by someone quoting Angela TIlby is about to become a self-fulfilling prophecy... '...a state I can describe only as girl-church...' We can see where all this shallow bilge about 'inclusivity' is taking us and it can only be compounded in Wales by the existence of 'training hubs' - especially the one based in the North!

  2. What a disaster this week has been for the CofE, and the wider Anglican Communion. All that work and dialogue through ARCIC .... the efforts of good and holy people to bring Anglicanism and Orthodoxy into full communion .... dashed on the rocks in an instant.

    Next up will be a concerted Feminist assault on the Paternal nature of God the Father as revealed to us in Holy Scripture. It's only a matter of time.

    1. Come the next GB meeting the disaster will be the same for the CinW.
      Of Canon Peter Sedgwick the Archbishop said “I am very glad that he has agreed to continue as chairman of the Doctrinal Commission and to serve ARCIC ".
      What is the point now of any further ARCIC discussions ? The CofE and soon the CinW have slammed the door.

    2. Would that be the same Canon Peter Sedgwick under whose leadership St Michael's College was driven to oblivion?

    3. The very same!
      More from his testimonial :
      "The Archbishop, Dr Barry Morgan, thanked Dr Sedgwick for his tremendous contribution to the college and the life of the Church in Wales and praised his scholarly and incisive mind."

    4. Scholarly mind (um) as praised by His Darkness (um and double um)? Recall the high point of Sedgwick's term of office - BBC Wales Vicar Factory! What a joke!!

  3. The Reformed Anglican Church was born out of the One Holy Catholic Church because it was believed there were errors in the (Roman) Catholic Church. Your above entry Ancient Briton just reveals and confirms how Protestant has the Anglican Church become.
    The women will continue to 'protest' until there is a new order only for feminists , which is portrayed as simply altruistic. Their pursuit is beyond social equality : it is now female dominance,which in the process will completely lose sight of Jesus Christ born a man . It will lose sight of belief in the Holy Trinity - God The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. I shudder to think how children will be taught the Faith, how children can seek to understand scripture .
    As I have posted previously our Christian Faith and our life should reflect the Holy family, with the Virgin Mary as the honourable icon for women . We have male priests to represent Christ at the altar , and a female brings confusion into our understanding of the Eucharistic celebration.
    It is now time deny the heresies which are slowly being built into the Anglo-Catholic Church,and return home to our roots.

  4. I wouldn't worry about it. Most women find them laughable - we have better things to do with our lives. Their only audience is each other and a handful of very silly male camp-followers. Leave them to it.

  5. A friend of mine recently attended a baptism of a family member at a very prominent liberal church in central London, presided over by one of the leading wimmin-priests (regularly tipped for the episcopate by the fawning media). The unfortunate infant was "baptised" using the heretical formula, In the name of the Creator, and of the Redeemer and of the Sanctifier. Amen In other words, the child was not baptised.

    1. You friend must report the matter to the Bishop of London as the local Ordinary (with a copy to the Archbishop of Canterbury and head of the southern Province) and seek clarification as to whether that is an accepted and legal form of baptism. Although the intention was to baptise the infant, the formula appears to be invalid, and so the child remains a pagan.

    2. Give them an inch and they'll take a mile !

    3. Joseph Golightly21 July 2014 at 14:16

      And a little more for the debate

    4. I am surprised that the word aMEN was still included in the sham baptism.
      It won't be long before the feminazis insist on it being changed.

  6. I have finally concluded that a bunch of people on the GB ,or for that matter of the General Synod, have no right to make laws for Christ's Church without reference to a higher authority .
    All the innovations and changes brought into effect recently have been instituted in order to attempt to be user- friendly, and in the process maybe win over non- worshipping public.
    Of course we have no 'higher authority' in the Church in Wales,and the only immediate 'higher authority' open to the CofE is a largely secular Parliament.
    We should not make decisions independent of the worldwide Holy Catholic Church, to which,of course, we publicly declare in reciting the Creed to be a part.

  7. Mother Goddess language has been a recurring thing in the Episcopal church USA since W.O. This drives more men away from God not because men are sexist pigs, but because men see the betrayal of Biblical teaching from people who are supposed to have enough backbone to defend God's word.

  8. I was astounded that our congregation yesterday numbered about the same as the previous week. I was sure that we had been promised a mass return to church by those formerly excluded by a lack of female bishops! We were hoping for 100, 200 maybe, but got our usual 15! Surely we have not been deceived by the feminist lobby !?

    1. Ed,

      When the WP vote went through in 1992, I was one of those who warned about the number of people who would leave the CofE when it was in the midst of its (doomed) Decade of Evangelization, under the direction of a then suffragan bishop, Nigel McCulloch - later the bishop of Manchester who presided over one of the revision committees for the latest legislation and who also incidentally ordained his own wife as a priest.

      +McCulloch told us all at the time "not to think about those who would leave but about all those who would join the Church".

      Several waves of receptions to Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism later, and twenty years on from the first ordinations of women priests, the books don't balance on McCulloch's optimism, which was and is the view of the majority of bishops and Synod members, past and present. The CofE has always refused to admit just how many Anglican priests took the compensation then on offer, and nobody has ever been able to extract exact figures from either the Orthodox or RC Church of the number of Anglicans who have been received since vote in 1992.

      Some people mock the Ordinariate in the UK for its size - about 1500 people to date - but it has to be remembered that this was in fact a third wave of departures from the CofE after the initial tide and intermediary constant trickle. Liberal Anglicans like to point to two-way traffic, with Roman Catholics turning to the CofE. Fair enough: but that does not balance the Anglican attendance books either.

    2. Alan:
      There has not been much discussion on this blog about the Ordinariate.
      The Ordinariate is separate from the RCIA course- the rite of Christian initiation of adults- which is In place in the Roman Catholic Church, and this process can take many months or even over a period of a year. Anglicans wishing to join the Ordinariate may be confirmed into the Catholic Church following some weeks of discussion with an Ordinariate priest in order to confirm their understanding of the Faith.
      The Ordinariate is a 'bridge', and this bridge offers mutual support and provides a way for Anglicans to do things together.
      The term Anglicanorum Coetibus means "For groups of Anglicans", and this was erected by Pope Emeritus Benedict XV1 as a response to persistent Anglican requests to enable Anglicans to remain within the Apostolic Church.
      It allows Anglicans to bring with them their Anglican Patrimony which is a difficult thing to define but includes our particular expression in liturgical worship ,such as Evensong and there is an Ordinariate rite for celebration of Mass which uses some much loved prayers of The Book of Common Prayer.

      I attended a talk given by Msgr. Keith Newton and he said that Anglicans joining the Ordinariate are not 'converts' because as Anglicans we are already Christian and Catholic , but not in full communion with the See of Rome.
      In the light of women's ordination episcopacy is important , because we ,as Anglicans, claim to be part of the One Holy Catholic Church. The Anglican Church is now failing in it's claim to be part of the Apostolic Church ,and in the Church in Wales with the innovation of ecumenical Bishops ,there is a change in the understanding of the Eucharistic celebration.