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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Richer and poorer in Saudi Arabia

I was somewhat bemused when I first saw this video. Surely it was a spoof! But no, it is Charles, Prince of Wales, heir to the throne. You can read about it here. His sword dance originally preceded going to war in a country where the practice of any religion other than Islam is prohibited. I find this rather odd given that as King, Charles will be 'Supreme Governor of the Church of England' and 'Defender of the Faith' (see here) but in our multi-cultural society he is understood to prefer the title 'Defender of Faith', that is any faith, including Islam which seeks to be the only faith, not just in Saudi Arabia but throughout the world using whatever means necessary to achieve supremacy.

At the lower end of the scale (see here) Indonesian maids working in Saudi Arabia are for the first time to be "guaranteed a monthly wage, time off, and contact with their loved ones, under a new agreement signed by the Gulf kingdom and Jakarta. Human rights groups say the pact is a step towards ensuring the protection of foreign workers' basic rights in Saudi Arabia. But it fails to address a worrying trend of domestic helpers filing complaints of exploitation and abuse only to face counter-allegations by their employers of 'theft, witchcraft or adultery,' according to Human Rights Watch".

The Human Rights Watch World Report 2013 highlights a situation in Saudi Arabia where multi-culturalism is far from encouraged, even among fellow Muslims: "Saudi Arabia does not tolerate public worship by adherents of religions other than Islam and systematically discriminates against its Muslim religious minorities, in particular Shia and Ismailis. The chief mufti in March called for the destruction of all churches in the Arabian Peninsula".  Also, the rights of women are non-existent: "Authorities continue to suppress or fail to protect the rights of 9 million Saudi women and girls and 9 million foreign workers."

Meanwhile, in Great Britain we continue to promote multi-culturalism which takes all and gives nothing. Turning a blind eye to the elimination of Christianity in Muslim countries, see here, clerics delude themselves into thinking that by turning the other cheek out of context without regard for the consequences will protect us. Deferring to Islam is contrary to the Christian belief that there is only one way to the Father. If Church leaders and our potential Supreme Governor don't get it, what hope can there be for Church and country?


  1. I was utterly disgusted and discomforted to ses this video considering what the Saudis do every Friday with their swords in 'chop-chop square'. They are an utterly barbaric nation. Shame on the Prince of Wales for playing their game.

  2. Should the Act of Royal Supremacy be now dissolved? Perhaps so in view of Prince Charles crass behaviour.
    The Act of parliament in 1534 resulted in the Church of England separating itself from the Supremacy of the Pope and declaring itself 'catholic and reformed',and therein after being intrinsically linked to the State and the Monarchy.
    It is time for the Church of England to return to its Catholic roots and acknowledge the error of its ways at the time of the Reformation in subsequently adopting Protestant practice.
    Perhaps we should now aim to follow the way of the Jesuits acknowledging Jesus as the true head of the Church.
    Even so Prince Charles must display titular loyalty to the Church of which he will one day be Supreme Governor ,and when visiting foreign states he should respectfully stand back from the involvement in false religions that he has recently demonstrated .

    1. The Church of England was intrinsically linked to the State and to the Monarchy long before 1534. The problem is the desire of the contemporary Church of England to continue to be so joined umbilically to the State that it allows numskulls like Cameron to dictate its theology - all for the sake of remaining established and keeping its seats (rarely occupied) in the House of Lords.

      If Charles lives a wee while after acceding to the Throne, expect to see minarets being built on to the sides of Westminster Abbey...

  3. Fortunately it is not up to Charles to decide whether he will be "Defender of Faith" or Defender of the Faith since the title is bestowed automatically by an Act of Parliament on the reigning monarch - there is no opt out clause even for befuddled old Princes of Wales who rather like doing exciting things with their billionaire Saudi cousins.

  4. A good idea to send this blog and comments to the prince of Wales office?