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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

We are all partakers of the one bread

Normandie WWII                                                                                     Source: PhotosNormandie

The point of posting the 'Meditation on the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass' video was to remember why we do what we do, not how we do it. I had intended to post the entry under the title 'Lest we forget' but then I recalled that I had already used it (here) to remember others who had made the supreme sacrifice.

As usual my wife expressed my own thoughts more succinctly when she said in response to some of the comments received, "there is beauty in the simplicity of a said mass in the early morning or late evening when maybe only a few are gathered together but there is also beauty in the splendour of a solemn mass, the colours of the vestments, the music and singing. There is no need to be 'pro' or 'anti'. Each has its place." 

Generally worshippers are able to choose between a simple said service and a sung service or they can choose another church where the style of worship is more to their liking. But there is now a more serious dimension. Church members who are unable to accept the ministry of women as priests and bishops must still be permitted to respond in good conscience to Christ's invitation:

 "I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall never thirst."

This is the challenge for the 'enlightened' Anglican Church. It must not fail.


  1. ....." There is no need to be 'pro' or 'anti'. Each has its place."
    Certainly- succinctly put. When the Church in Wales was served by a Provincial Assistant Bishop,then the Bench was acknowledging this statement. Let us hope and pray that the Bishops will continue to allow members of the Christian family to worship with the understanding of the Apostolic succession which guides them in a particular way.
    After all those whose conscience guides them thus - (that is a male line of Apostolic Succession )- are in line with the teaching of the greater part ,by far, of the One Holy Catholic Church.Of the billions of Christians in the world, The Anglican Church is a small percentage and the Church in Wales is a very very small percentage of the total.
    I understand that in 1920 we became disestablished from the Church of England, but we should not be moving towards disestablishing ourselves from the Catholic Church worldwide by making our own rules and regulations.
    We must continue to be all partakers of the one bread, and that bread is the teaching and tradition of the One Holy Catholic Church.
    Ubi caritas deus ibi est.

  2. Word has it that last night's Code of Practice meeting in S and B was quite interesting. I am told that the call was overwhelmingly for a PAB with one cleric calling the trust and integrity of the current bench into question.

    1. Thank you Fred. Much like the Llandaff meeting according to reports.
      If any readers attended the St Davids meetings or the Bangor meeting please let us know the mood there.
      In the case of St Davids please indicate which of the three meetings the report refers to.

    2. According to Archbishop Barry it is an entirely new Bench -apart from himself- ; the implication being that the current Bench considers it is not bound by previous decisions of any other Bench.