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Friday, 23 August 2013

International Development (Gender Equality) Bill

Never mind the self-centred rhetoric of WATCH, women worldwide really can be helped by responding to this request from WaterAid:

Will you ask your MP to support the International Development (Gender Equality) Bill? There are two things your MP can do:

  • attend an event on 5 September to find out more 
  • attend the reading in Parliament on 13 September to show their support 

What is the bill?
The bill would be an addition to the UK International Development Act (2002). It would mean that, in future, the International Development Secretary must consider the impact that UK international development aid will have on the equality of men and women.

Why is this important?
WaterAid supports this bill because we can't reach a world where everyone has safe water and sanitation without addressing gender inequality.

For example, women and girls spend 40 billion working hours every year collecting water in Sub-Saharan Africa alone. Women and girls are particularly vulnerable to the risk of assault when practicing open defecation. A lack of toilets in schools has a greater impact on girls' progress in education, causing many to drop out when they start menstruating.

How to contact your MP
You can email your MP to ask them to support the Bill using our suggested message – it will only take you a minute.

Thank you so much for your support.

With best wishes,  
Rebecca Owen                                                                          
WaterAid Campaigns

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