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Friday, 2 August 2013

Feminized men destroying TEC*ABC takes on Money Changers*Welby Speaks in tongues

The Most Rev. Katharine Jefferts Schori, the Most Rev. Frank T. Griswold, III,
 and the Most Rev. Edmond L. Browning at the House of Bishops July 10, 2009
 session at the 76th General Convention. First published by The Living Church.

From Virtueonline:

For some months now, I have cogitated over why it is that The Episcopal Church seems to draw priests who are decidedly lacking in masculinity, with more and more being older second career women, lesbians, gays and "men without chests".

My hand was tipped to this reality when Catholic writer Michael Voris analyzed the situation in the Roman Catholic Church. When asked what he thought was the central problem in Catholicism today, he replied, "The utter failure of the masculine in Church leaders - that is what is to blame for where we have now arrived.

"Fathers - spiritual fathers are almost nowhere to be found among the clergy. Many priests keep as far a distance as they can from their bishop because - well - as many have confided to us - they simply don't trust that he has their best interest at heart.

"If that doesn't speak volumes in revealing the sorry state we faithful Catholics find ourselves in - nothing does or ever could. Bishops - so many of them - are not the fathers they need to be - not only to their own priests, but also to their sheep - to those souls given to them by Christ to lead to Heaven.

"This explains virtually everything. It explains why they left heretics run wild in parishes and chanceries and universities. It explains why they are ALWAYS siding with the latest liberal political cause to come down the pike - USUALLY but not always thanks to the Democratic Party.

"It all boils down to the one issue that they love the respect of men more than they love their priests and their sheep. If they truly loved the sheep like a father - they would teach and guide and protect them, personally.

"If they loved their priests like a father, they would protect the ones who truly love Our Lord and correct the ones who need correcting.

"This is what fathers do - this is THE hallmark of masculinity - to die for those you love and protect all who need protecting no matter the cost to you."

It can make you unpopular, says Voris. "You have to say and do things that people will not understand - even when it is for their own good. You don't coddle the enemy or the confused. You step in and risk your own life and reputation by saying the bold truth and leading to heaven whoever you can get to Heaven." 

Did the last pope cut any quarter or slack to liberals and homosexuals who wanted to change the teaching in his church? Not a chance.

Does any of this sound familiar looking at the Episcopal Church today?

Think of the last three presiding bishops (including the reigning Presiding Bishop): Jefferts Schori and before her Frank Griswold and before him Edmond Lee Browning.

Everything that has gone wrong in the Church these days can be traced back to weak men - like those mentioned above - who are more worried about feelings than they are about the faith. Men who are more feminine in their outlook and their way of operating than the men they are called to be.

Real men stand up and confront and contradict and do what they need to do to fix the problem.

Feminized men debate and dialogue and form committees and seek counsel and debate until everyone in the room has passed out from boredom. In the end, nothing is solved.

Think of Griswold's constant plea to "listen" (to gays) and to have "conversation" over and over again till you felt like vomiting. Then it got indaba-ed to death.

Now take a long hard look at African archbishops and bishops, men with chests. You know why they had no respect for Griswold and fought him tooth and nail at every Primates meeting over pansexuality. They refused to give him and Western revisionists one centimeter of ground on sexuality issues and to a weak feminized individual like Griswold. If they despised him, they never said so. They politely kept going back to the Scriptures as the basis for their faith and kept silent about how they really felt about him. 

As it turned out, Nigerian Archbishop Nicholas Okoh did let his guard drop when Rowan Williams exited the church. Archbishop Okoh blasted Williams for failing to show any real theological testosterone in the face of the relentless drive by Griswold to accept gay behaving men and women. They never gave any ground then and they never will now regardless of how often they are called "fundamentalist" or "homophobic". These are real men with chests who inspire confidence, faith, hope and love. No one is inspired to faith in Christ by weak, feminized men. In the end, they are left talking to themselves or shine at general conventions where for one brief moment they glory in their pathetic-ness.

The deep truth is that feminized leadership resides in places where the masculine is needed. Sadly we may never see it again. The Episcopal Church's seminaries and its one university are filled with weak men and women, gays and lesbians who have no hope or chance of turning the church around. It would be a miracle of miracles if the "restructuring" of TEC amounted to anything except the inordinate sums of money being spent looking for solutions that will never come.

The birth and growth of the ACNA is inevitable if only for the reason that real men are running it. Archbishop Okoh now crosses the oceans to the US and Canada to visit his growing flocks without so much as a by your leave to Jefferts Schori or Fred Hiltz. And this will only continue uninterrupted into the future. Archbishop Justin Welby cannot stop it.

Read the whole article here.


  1. The increasingly feminized Protestant churches do seem to be having trouble attracting men to the pews.

    The problem of feminized priests is not unique to the Episcopal church or the Roman Catholic Church or the CofE. The modern worldview affects individuals dreams of vocation. Currently, pastoral and loving, non-judgemental, non-competitive, and more conflict avoiding personalities tend to be attracted to the ministry (and are more likely to be accepted into seminary). Other vocations just don't seem to fit that personality as well.

    I wonder what happens when they awake to discover that judgement, competition, and conflict have followed them. This must be a cause of great angst to many feminized priests and ministers.

  2. Well put Ancient Briton. For evidence of the not so masculine Church in Wales look no further than p 3 of the current edition of Croeso
    There you see a bishop planting a tree, talking to some students and running after some school kids in the nave of the cathedral. Not exactly manly stuff is it?

  3. Oi! Real bishops don't plant trees - THEY EAT THEM!!! +St Asaph