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Monday, 5 August 2013

Doctor Who and the twits

Time Lord Peter Capaldi

The news that Peter Capaldi is to be the twelfth Time Lord was greeted with some relief. Doctor Who ceased to be family viewing in our household when the children feared extermination by the daleks but the Time Lord transformations have not passed unnoticed. It was with some relief then that I heard that 'Auntie' BBC had resisted the temptation to go transgender or reassign The Doctor's ethnicity from among the list of contenders although it has since transpired that Peter Capaldi was the only name considered.

That Peter Capaldi secured the role on merit, devoid of political correctness, is reassuring. Had the choice of Jane Austen appearing on the new £10 bank note been made on her undoubted merit rather than because she was a woman, many other women would have been spared the inexcusable attention of  the twits on Twitter who have no merit of their own.


  1. Just in case you hadn’t realised, Doctor Who is fiction. It wouldn’t really matter if they had chosen a black female Doctor. It’s just a story. Perhaps you are revealing some of your deep-seated inadequacies if even in your eyes the Doctor can’t be female?

    1. Ah! So that would be the parable of the black, one eyed, transgender, lesbian, etc, etc, Time Lord returning to show how wrong civilization has been over millennia.

      Another of my "deep-seated inadequacies" is support for mothers who choose or are compelled to stay at home to look after their offspring without being penalized by the state for doing so. Tut-tut!

      Anonymous, I would be grateful if you would use a pseudonym in any other comments so that readers may distinguish your anonymity from others. Many thanks for your contribution.

    2. Oh dear Auntie Beeb has announced that a WOMAN, Charlotte Green, replaces James Alexander Gordon as the voice of the classified football results. I bet that wont go down too well in Ancient Britonland!

    3. You lose. You can make your payment here