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Monday, 26 November 2012

Not a good start for the new Dean of Llandaff

Unfortunately for readers of my previous entry, the oddly titled 'Inevitably' post under The Women Bishops Debate link, mysteriously disappeared - see here. Fortunately I have a copy (below) so readers can make of it what they will. [Note - the post has reappeared as mysteriously as it disappeared so I have removed the reprint but will keep a copy - just in case!]

It is intriguing how posts come and go in the secular integrity. In this context the women's lib movement has a strong affinity with Islam where one awkward verse is abrogated by another so peace will reign when we all abide by the rules of the oppressor. 

The soon to be Mr(s) Dean concluded her entry thus: The Second Estates Church Commissioner has given purposeful leadership which showed itself in the open debate in the House of Commons yesterday. We should listen to Parliament. They may yet help us salvage something from this and reform the governance of the church so that it is better fit for purpose. If I may paraphrase Mrs Thatcher: You listen to Parliament if you want to; this integrity is not for turning. Watch this space for my thoughts on the performance of the Second Estates Church Commissioner.

Lest it be thought we cannot agree on anything, I commend the Venerable Janet Henderson for remarks in an earlier post: "We all make mistakes and act from mixed motives that are sometimes a great deal less pure than we would like to admit. Most of us find it very difficult to walk a balanced line between justice and compassion, loyalty to tradition and response to new developments. The art of being church is to live repentantly and graciously with those with whom we disagree". Also: "The Holy Spirit is able to work through the church's honest debate and interaction, through its members' pain and frustration and to bring to resonance the voice of the voiceless. Listening requires full attention and the ability to put aside our own ideas while we listen". Having lost the vote that becomes: "The debate on Tuesday was no more than the logical conclusion to the fact that we have spent 20 years encouraging people not to change their position on this issue, not to listen to each other, and not to work together, but to feel safe in which ever set of beliefs they hold".

Do I detect an abrogation?

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