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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Just up his street

An announcement has appeared on the Church in Wales web site that Bazzer of Neath has now picked a girl from Neath to be the new Dean of Llandaff. - That must be another morale booster for Church in Wales clergy. An imported Ass Bishop and an imported lady Archdeacon although it has to be said that 'Peggy pilot' puts the Ass Bishop in the shade, not that that would be difficult according to local sources. So two out of three senior appointments to the ladies in Bazzer's campaign to feminise the Church in Wales along with the Church of England.

At least the new Dean was born in Wales but like Dr Morgan's other senior appointments recently, she has performed her ministry in England. Any suspicion that the Archbishop has simply picked a local girl is quickly dispelled after reading her blog where she writes about The Woman Bishops Debate. Based on a rudimentary knowledge of psychology she has decided that the tradition of the church is wrong and that solemn promises made to ensure that she was able to be ordained were made in error! The misrepresentation is on a scale that assured her of the favour of her new Archbishop. In his response to the outcome of the Women Bishops debate Dr Morgan had the gaul to use the motto of Credo Cymru ('Forward in Faith' in Wales), "Keep the Faith", in another simplistic piece in which he compares the holy priesthood of the one who stands at the Altar with a school teacher. For orthodox Anglicans such comments belittle our creedal catholic faith for purely political ends. 

Today we celebrate the feast of Christ the King, the One who senior clergy, bishops included, would see dethroned in the cause of secularism. That will not happen because those who think in such terms are but a tiny minority in the universal church however much they like to brag about their brand of secular Anglicanism.

Today is also Stir-up Sunday. How very true.

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