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Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Photo: 'The Bell'

Writing a tribute to the retiring Dean in the July/August 2012 edition of the Llandaff Parish Magazine, The Bell, Archbishop Morgan wrote: 
"The Dean is called to be pastor to the congregation; to be someone who can, through the Cathedral’s worship, showcase best liturgical practice and someone who enables a ministry of welcome to organisations, parishes and institutions, so that through that ministry people feel that they are valued and cherished by God. It is an awesome responsibility." Without a hint of irony the Archbishop continued, "I have therefore appointed myself to be “in charge” of the Cathedral for the next few months".

In the September edition he writes of the Church in Wales Review Recommendation VIII, (The distinctive role of each cathedral as a centre of excellence should be fully integrated into the mission and ministry strategy of its Diocese):
    "It makes clear, what we know already, that any cathedral is central to the life of the diocese in which it is set.  Llandaff Cathedral as well as being a parish church is a place (like any other church, but with a special responsibility for it) of welcome, hospitality and friendship.  The Cathedral extends this to all the parishes of the diocese because it is  the diocesan church par excellence.  That dual role could lead to a conflict between the needs of parish and diocese.  That should never be the case, but rather should be embraced as a glorious opportunity to minister not just to the local community (the parish) but to the wider family of the diocese as well. 
That is why it is the Bishop’s church, the place where he has his chair – the place, in other words, where he has his home but the place from which he exercises oversight over the wider diocesan family.  And, it is in my capacity as Bishop, that I have decided to exercise direct oversight over the Cathedral for the time being."

So there you have it. The Archbishop has taken on the 'awesome responsibility' of making sure people feel that they are valued and cherished by God. Unless his words are intended as a veiled criticism of his former Dean's stewardship, this initiative comes rather late in his ministry. The truth is that people already feel valued and cherished by God but not by the Archbishop who sees ministry only on his terms. Claiming to be "gobsmacked" when he was appointed in 2003, Archbishop Morgan said he was "just an ordinary bloke who's got ordinary interests". Hardly! Just before his enthronement he came out with this observation:
   "Lots of priests who are homosexual by orientation don't practice and lead celibate lives and that is not a problem. "The problem comes if someone is homosexual and is promiscuous - then that is real issue, whether homosexual or heterosexual." He added:
the main challenge for the church concerned making "the connection between faith and life".

In another parish church at the other end of his diocese a packed congregation met on Sunday to celebrate the Feast of the Assumption in the knowledge that a much loved sister church looks set to be sold off to the local Muslim community, adherents of  a religion noted for its harsh treatment of homosexuality often leading to the death sentence but for reasons best known to himself, on good terms with the Archbishop. The question being asked was, "Will Archbishop Barry be prepared publicly to declare his support for female imams and same sex marriages in mosques?"  

For dwindling congregations the reality is that his liberal policy of 'connecting faith with life' has all but killed off the Church in Wales while facilitating illiberal Muslim expansion in his diocese but at least the Archbishop can be satisfied that in mosques, 'people feel that they are valued and cherished by God' - strictly on their terms of course. More here.  



In the last paragraph, above, I provided two links to reports of the oppression of Christians in Pakistan. Damian Thompson has  since published an article, Radical Islam revives an ancient hatred. It highlights the problems facing Christian minorities throughout the world. Read it here. Compared with issues surrounding homosexuality and the role of women in the church, the fate of Christians abroad receives very little attention. Celebrating diversity in our own country enhances the feel-good factor but this myopia ignores the fact that while good relations may be shared with minority Muslim communities, when Christians are in the minority the picture changes radically. To Muslims, Christians (and Jews) are "the worst of creatures" but this is not made obvious when Muslims are in the minority. In these circumstances deception is employed to hoodwink the gullible, see here (advance to position 18 if short of time and watch the whole later). Afterwards try to find 90 Mins to watch Islam - What The West Needs To Know.


  1. Prone to ornate language and the love of self, does this new divine appointment provide His Grace with a Dean's salary as well?

    Now who was it who recently complained that his daughter had to pay full marriage fees at the Cathedral recently ?

  2. Long has it been said by the Archbishop that it is impossible for one to be both archbishop and a diocesan at the same time. However, there is now a variation of this truth.It is not impossible to be both archbishop and a diocesan, provided that you are a dean at the same time.

  3. Isn't Barry boy a marvell? You have to give it to him - he's now solved the mystery of the 'Holy Trinity'. Why fear God anymore?

    He makes it all sound like the late arrival of an Aberdare bus!

    The Enforcher.

    1. Impossible to be an Archbishop and a diocesan at the same time? Nonsense!

      Just give up golf on a Friday, work a five day week instead of four, then serve the Lord on a Sunday like the rest of us.

  4. Pardon me for another intrusion and diversion from what appears to be yet another Church in Wales 'Radical' teaching - the Ali Barry Bongo Trinitarian view of the world, 'His Grace,Father in God and Dean'.

    The bloggers attention is gently drawn to a piece of holy writ published in the Western Mail August 11th. There, the Patron Saint of Hypocrite's has anounced that Welsh icon 'Gerallt Gymro' was nothing more than a 'relentless self-publicist fuelled by personal ambition rather than patriotism', who gave the impression of someone 'not really being at home in Wales'.

    Goodness me! You could have knocked me down with a feather.

    Maybe thats why His Grace hated the National Eisteddfod 'Bardic Society - Gorsedd y Beirdd' until, of course, he was invited to join.

    Such honour however, has not prevented him from an almost ethnic cleansing of the Welsh language from almost every parish church within 'His' domain. House for duty anyone?