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Thursday, 16 August 2012

Olympian Double Standards

Watching the London 2012 Olympics, I felt sadness mingled with admiration for the first Saudi woman athlete to compete as she crossed the finishing line of the Women's 800 metres half a minute after the rest of the competitors. Forced to compete in a form of Islamic attire better suited to the Winter Olympics she provided an own goal for Saudi Arabia's strict Islamic code which denies their womenfolk the freedoms other women around the world take for granted.

Roared on by the 80,000 spectators in the Olympic Arena it is difficult to reconcile the crowd's response with the report in PressTV headed - Olympics on a land full of Islamophobia in which they allege:
"The UK is presenting itself as an equal opportunities state and a secure location, especially when it comes to an international sports event such as the Olympic Games that are currently taking place in London. But recent history of racial and religious hatred in Britain could send a negative message worldwide.

Islamophobia has become one of the latest forms of racism in Britain, starting with the Bradford riots in 2001 that involved a high population of Asians. Approximately 68,000 Pakistanis, 12,500 Indians, 5,000 Bangladeshis and 3,000 other Asians were facing a far-right reawakening of the "National Front" that existed since the 20th century. They are currently known as the British National Party (BNP) additional to other anti-Islam groups such as the English Defence League (EDL)."

I very much doubt that religious observance forbids Muslim men to watch women dressed for running in what they must regard as inappropriate sports wear so they will have witnessed the unequal opportunities forced on Muslim women competitors. To question UK equal opportunities in such circumstances is as bizarre as it is ridiculous. But then PressTV is interested only in Islamic propaganda with their endless accusations of Islamophobia. I have tried correcting their misapprehensions in the past but they do not publish comments that are unfavourable to the cause of Islamic rule under Sharia law. 

There is no indication that the thousands of Asians in Bradford referred to are clamouring to return to Asia; quite the reverse and, in any event, Islam is not a 'race' but a religio-political organization which regards non-Muslims as inferior so charges of racism are without foundation. Also, the BNP is no more representative of the British people than is PressTV yet they presume to print: "Britain’s position as a role model to host the peaceful Olympic Games, is widely criticized by many Muslims with regard to the UK’s recent military invasions in countries like Iraq or Afghanistan." - Britainophobia! PressTV would serve their followers more accurately if they spent some time looking towards their own culture where half the population is aggrieved by the way they are discriminated against. The Olympic Games made it plain for all to see that these repressive Islamists really condemn themselves in their actions.

In a subsequent assault on the UK, PressTV complain of the security measures taken to protect participants and spectators (that is of all faiths and none) but from the tone of their article one has to assume that they see any terrorist threat as most likely to be jihadist. This is no surprise following reports of British based jihadists in Syria fighting for a cause that is neither British or Syrian and of the trouble brewing in the Sinai.  PressTV should ask themselves some serious questions about where the threat to stability lies. If they have any doubt they should read about it here.   

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