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Friday, 20 April 2012

That's rich!

'There aren’t many people to keep the heat in’: Michael Thompson and Sarah Rainey at St Michael’s - The Church of England faithful left to fend for themselves
Photo: Heathcliff O'Malley

Headline from the Telegraph
The Church of England faithful left to fend for themselves.

Quite so I thought on reading the headline. Rejected by Synod in the Church of England and Archboyo [see comment 2 from Pageantmaster] in the Church in Wales, traditionalists have a right to feel rejected. But not at all. Those we are to feel sorry for are the worshippers 'left behind' after those striving to keep the Catholic faith have moved on to join the Ordinariate. What rotters! Did they not consider how their vacated pews would be filled, churches heated, buildings cared for, offertories maintained? It's a pity the Anglican Church did not give more thought to such matters before they decided to show the door to the faithful simply for keeping the faith. And who gains from this mess? Those women who decided to use the priesthood as a vehicle for their careers despite the cost to everyone else, especially the faithful. They had better make the best of it before the church disintegrates completely.

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  1. Dear Petros,

    I feel your pain and I keep you in my prayers.