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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Ladies Champion

The recent 'Canterbury for Archbishop of Wales' twit produced some interesting comments. I have since heard that opinions will be canvassed (and ignored) before the Bench announce that they see no objection to same sex marriagesFor the Archbishop's mentor that was seen as a 'done deal' last month. What the ladies in the Church in Wales will be looking for at the forthcoming meeting of the Governing Body is realisation of their goal of getting women into purple. It is thought that His Grace will do anything to achieve this, short of honouring a pledge to appoint a bishop to care for traditionalists. So to avoid getting egg on his face a second time, Dr Morgan has decided that sounding exercises will be undertaken to ensure that legislation is a 'done deal' before another vote is taken. So desperate is he to get his 'equality' measure through before retirement that he is rumoured to be planning a gesture of solidarity with his women priests to prove that Anglican clergy today really are all the same as illustrated in this artist's impression. Egg on face again would be preferable and a fitting tribute to the late Dean Jeremy Winston who was told "There is no place for you in this church", despite standing head and shoulders above the mediocrity of those who condemned him.

1 comment:

  1. Dear Ancient Briton I fear you're banging your head against the wall.As gowermaster blog writes : 'What Barry does within the church is purely a matter for Him'.

    The rise of this bubblet will remain the comic tales of our time.