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Saturday, 21 April 2012

God's grace or wishful thinking?

Today it is the turn of Church of England bishops to rejoice over same sex unions. In a letter to the Times reproduced here, 'influential Anglicans' see the prospect of same-sex marriage as a "cause for rejoicing". Absent from the list of signatories is the leader of the disestablished Church in Wales who hit the headlines on Wednesday after using his Presidential address to the Governing Body of the Church in Wales to encourage Anglicans to support civil gay marriage despite legal advice here, (or perhaps because of it!) that a change in the law would compel churches to offer same sex marriages. 

Archbishop Morgan is the most senior cleric to support this innovation - along with every other liberal cause - while church attendance continues to drop; more than 15% on his patch during his time as Archbishop with those who are left constantly pressed to increase their giving.

If only these 'influential Anglicans' spent more time holding the church together rather than ripping her apart.

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