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Friday, 14 January 2011

Question Time - Evasion or ignorance?

"Was it right for Jack Straw to say that Pakistani men saw young white women as easy meat?" A perfectly reasonable question from Asim Khan (apologies if the spelling is incorrect) on a topical issue proper to BBC Question Time but the panel completely missed the point referring to crime, race, colour, ethnic group, culture, multiculturalism, ethnic minority, class and gender. The only time religion was mentioned was a smear of the Catholic church in a comment from the floor. A girl in the audience claimed that instead of blacks, young Pakistani men were now the victims of stop-and-search. The oppression of women was mentioned only in the context of feminism, not religion.

The question and responses were a gift to those who regard searching questions as Islamophobia. Michael Gove actually suggested that those outside a particular community were ill equipped to comment. None of the Asian community men in the audience did so. Was the panel's response based on political correctness, ignorance of Islam's aim of world domination or fear of raising the problem? The more forthright make no bones about world domination under Islam and Sharia law. Some ex-Muslims have had the courage to address the problem on pain of death for their apostasy. Others simply sweep the problem under the carpet in the apparent belief that those without a religion are exempt. Perhaps oblivious to the persecution of Christians they fail to appreciate that they defend a religious ideology that does not tolerate independence


  1. As a young reader from Vancouver, Canada, I want to thank you for this fantastic blog. The world seems a little less insane after reading your entries.
    I am curious to know what you think the solution is to the current labelling of any voice of dissent as ‘Islamophobia’ or ‘racism’. We do not have nearly the same hornet’s nest as Britain faces with radical Islam, but if our current policies remain the same I do not foresee an improvement in our situation.
    If you wouldn’t mind venturing into a fraught topic, I wonder if you could provide some insights into how a 21st century democracy can deal with insurgent radicals without stymieing itself?

  2. Thank you for your very kind comment Anon. You pose a very difficult question. I think Islam, especially radical Islam, is one of the greatest challenges we face, in a sense like global warming but in reverse. Most people have to accept the judgement of others on the evidence produced which, where global warming is concerned, is compelling yet others disagree. By comparison, a minority of people here are worried about the spread of Islam while the majority are either ignorant of the threat or cowed into silence.

    In the predominantly Christian countries of Great Britain, exposure to Islam used to be restricted to foreign holidays, now replaced by immigrants in distinctive dress and the spread of mosques, often taking over former Christian places of worship.

    Political correctness together with the gagging charges of 'Islamophobia' (see subsequent posts on the subject) and racism have the effect of restricting freedom of speech. Taking that with the Christian ideal of 'love they neighbour', Islam is being allowed to spread not just in Great Britain but throughout Europe. Islamic excesses are dismissed as extremism. People are unconcerned that a dangerous, alien religious ideology that would see the demise of democracy is the basis of the Muslim faith.

    I was ignorant of the threat of Islam when I started this blog thinking, as others clearly do, that it was just another religion with its share of nutters. The more I have looked into it the worse it gets so if I had to sum up my view in a word it would be 'education'. The problem is, most people regard themselves as already educated! Hope that helps.