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Sunday, 30 January 2011

Parliamentary interference in the Christian faith

According to The Telegraph "A group of influential MPs will tomorrow call for Parliament to intervene over the historic reform as fears grow that the Church will reject plans allowing female bishops." For 'intervene' read 'interfere'. I am not surprised to see Sir Peter Bottomley involved. He lost my respect some time ago but I am disappointed to read that Frank Field has tabled an early day motion, which could abolish the Church's current exemption from equality laws relating to gender discrimination and ultimately force it to consecrate women.

Why is it that MPs tread so softly on the faith of Muslims yet when it comes the Church of England some see the Vicar as someone doing just another job in the workplace? Men and women are equal in the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church but not interchangeable. Faith in Christ's example, the tradition of the church and the overwhelming opinion of Christians is not discrimination. That is something manufactured by Women and the Church (WATCH) to suit their cause. MPs should know better.


  1. Im just a casual reader from the U.S, but do you think the CofE isn't really growing is bc it goes more for political correctness than biblical authority? The Episcopal church here is litterally hemmoraging members, they claim a membership of 2M but there ASA is around 600-700k and shrinking. However, I belong to the new ACNA which is growing rapidly for a new group. My 2 cents is that if the female bishop deal goes through there will be a lot more people leave bc from what I have been told, in the CofE, the people in the pews are far more conservative than those running the church. Please correct me if im wrong :)

    God Bless!

  2. Thank you for your comment Anon.

    Change is one thing, understanding the meaning of faith and worship is quite another. Rather than grow in faith and traditional worship, the Anglican church has become ever more trendy in its desire to be more relevant to society.

    Most people in Great Britain have given up going to church and their views are dictated by political correctness which views the priesthood as just another job requiring equality of opportunity. In that sense most modern church-goers seem to regard worship as a Sunday only social event with little regard for who is at the altar or why, giving rise to the simplest judgement of whether or not a woman priest is a "nice person". Why shouldn't she be? In the view of the wider Apostolic church she has no right to be there leaving traditionalists out in the cold. That is what MPs should concern themselves with.

    There is little room for faith, hope and charity in the new Anglican church.

  3. No problem!
    Do you think it will ever turn around in Britain? Also, how do you view Rowan Williams, most people here think he's a goof. The ACAN has its problems to work out but as of right now it's the best option for Anglicans in the U.S, im just fortunate to be a part of the church I am, its a big blend, we are a big mix of Anglo-Catholic and Evangelical, and it definently works out lol.

  4. In the view of many Anglicans, particularly on the Anglo Catholic wing, Anglo-Catholicism is finished in the Church of England and now looks to the Ordinariate for continuity, although some have put their hope in the new Mission Society of Saint Wilfred and Saint Hilda.

    It would be wrong to view Abp Rowan as a fool and I commend Rupert Short's biography "Rowan's Rule" which the former Archbishop of York, the Rt Revd Lord Habgood, described as '[a] timely assessment of a remarkable, gifted and much maligned leader.'

    It has been said that Rowan tries to please everyone and in doing so pleases no-one. I am uncomfortable disagreeing with someone of his standing on the ordination of women which I believe he does to improve the status and quality of life of women throughout the world. A worthy cause but, in my view and that of Pope Benedict among the majority of Christians, is mistaken.

  5. I was always confused as to why they wanted to go back to the RCC, isnt that why Anglicanism is here? lol.

    I have no doubt that Rowan is a very smart and scholarly person, however, the way he has handled things in the communion is an utter disaster, he has not done much of anything against TEc and Church of Canada, and has ignored the Global South, where they VAST ammount of Anglicans live.

    Yes, I would agree, women have rolls in the church, I just dont personally believe it is anything above a decon. Going against 2000 years of tradition is pushing it just to be "inclusinve"

  6. As you may already have read you are not alone in your view
    What a mess!