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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Church of England baptism!

From Mail Online: "The christening without much Christianity: Anglican church offers 'baptism lite' to attract non-worshippers". The story refers to "the motion from the Liverpool Diocesan Synod [which] asks for additional texts to be prepared as alternatives for passages in the Common Worship Baptism Services, which would be expressed in more culturally appropriate and accessible language than is perceived to be the case with the present services." 

Constant tinkering has already robbed the Anglican church of the beauty of its language, its tradition and now its meaning as it strives to be relevant to a politically correct society. The average person in the street presumes to instruct worshippers what they should believe without knowing the first thing about it, much like many of the modern religious correspondents who refer, eg, to such as Reverend Smith or Reverend Jones. The illustration in the Mail article in fact appears to be a Roman catholic baptism, not Anglican, but baptism nevertheless.

If the church continues to be driven by a desire to be relevant to society, how long before Christianity has any relevance whatsoever to the Church of England?

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