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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Three religions, one God!

From the Vatican Synod today, an interesting report "that Christians are not called to fight against Islam. On the contrary, the interventions by Synod Fathers and Muslim guests expressed the need to work together to stop extremism and ensure full citizenship for Christians in Middle Eastern societies".

In the United Kingdom we know only too well that good intentions can be ruined by a small but ruthless minority. Ultimately, through dialogue, the futility of strife can give way to peace with the unlikeliest of opponents able to share a joke together. For our sins, our troubles were within Christianity. Christians have learnt to live together as have Jews and the desire to live peaceably with Muslims should be just as strong. But we have a conundrum which isn't as obscure as deciding which of two men is telling the truth. If a religion permits deception for its own gain (taqiyya), how are others to assess their claims?

Christians are now a minority in many previously Christian countries. Some estimate that a similar situation will prevail in Great Britain in two generations. So what are we to believe?

There is a helpful video here .


  1. The muslims do not worship the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Exodus 3:14-15)
    They do not worship the God Who sent His Son to die for us, Who raised Jesus Christ from the dead, Who is Father, Son, Holy Spirit, Truth, Love and Life, and Who gives us His Righteousness, Freedom, Peace and Joy.

    The fruit of Islam is quite the opposite of the Fruit of the Holy Spirit: lies, lust, conflict, hatred and death. Countries dominated by Islam and sharia are not free, do not treat women or children with respect.

  2. "If a religion permits deception for its own gain (taqiyya), how are others to assess their claims?"
    Islam is a totally different 'worldview' than Judaism or Christianity (which also have differing worldview's).
    Jews, Christians, Athiests, Secularists all think they can peacefully co-exist with Muslims and Islam. Islam teaches Muslims that they are superior and all non Muslims are sub-seviant.
    The idealism of western Euro-American societies refuse to see, believe and accept this truth. They will eventually understand - when it is too late.