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Saturday, 16 October 2010

Forward in Faith

Yesterday's news that the Chairman of Forward in Faith, Bishop John Broadhurst, is to resign as Bishop of Fulham to seek entry to the Ordinariate has been intensified by today's news that 'traditionalists' have made gains in the Church of England General Synod elections which may at last see some compassion emerging and hopefully provide the accommodation so badly needed as the church battles for survival.

Probably the best that can be hoped for is a re-think of the voluntary code of practice but that is no small thing for those who, for various reasons, will be unable to take-up the offer of an Ordinariate. It is also encouraging news for those who have had to endure critcism from opponents who protested that we should have given up the fight, thus allowing a clear run for those we believe to be in error.

It is vital that we fight to the end for what we believe, to move 'forward in faith'. That is no disrespect to Pope Benedict. He has described the Ordinariate as the door to unity. A breathing space should ultimately enable more of the faithful to approach the door along a path that is not covered in brambles but perhaps lined with the rose .

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