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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Thanks be to God!

Mario Gomez falls to his knees giving thanks to God for his freedom along with the 32 other miners after being trapped for 69 days half a mile beneath Chile’s Atacama Desert. Sixty-three year old Mario was the oldest of the trapped men. He suffers from silicosis and is now in hospital with pneumonia.
As this video put it, "Miners' rescue brings global community together". Disasters bring out the best in humanity demonstrating our basic human instinct for survival. Natural disasters reveal the vulnerability of the human race yet we let the few exploit the many to our detriment. Totalitarianism is the enemy of mankind and inertia its greatest asset. Nazism and Communism are not the forces they once were but another ideology threatens the freedom of individual expression in the name of God. This is not what He intended but this is what goes on, supposedly in His name.

Unlike Mario who knelt voluntarily giving thanks to God for his freedom, contrast Zarmina who was forced to kneell in front of her children on 16 November 1999 for her public execution in the name of Allah. While civilization has moved into the twenty-first century, others seek to impose their will as if we were still in the first century. Christ did not set us free to return to bondage.

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