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Friday, 17 August 2018

The big lie

'The team': + Dick and St Augustine, Rumney, Cardiff clergy. Source:

Two press releases that have appeared on the Church in Wales web site:


Inclusive church (Provincial press releases) - Welcoming EVERYONE at the door!

From the Diocesan press release: "The Parish of Rumney, and it’s 12th Century parish church of St Augustine, were propelled into the modern world of online communication on Sunday (12 August) with the launch of their new website

"With a popular page on Facebook, @RumneyParish which has 650 followers, the Parish Priest, Fr John Connell, and curate, Fr Ross Maidment, decided that the time had come to bring St Augustine’s well and truly into the 21st Century and raise the parish’s profile via modern media.

Also propelled into the modern world of the 21st Century -  "Alongside its new website, St Augustine’s also launched its #inclusionis campaign.

"Fr Ross, explained: 'St Augustine’s seeks to be an inclusive church which welcomes, affirms and includes all God’s people and our new website enables us to witness to a wider community for whom the internet is at the centre of everyday life'."

Since when did the church not welcome and include all God's people?

This is nothing more than indoctrination, especially of the young, by attempting to normalise homosexual activity.

These now familiar tactics were adopted by feminists to gain access to the priesthood:

  • Exploit the “victim” status;
  • Use the sympathetic media;
  • Confuse and neutralize the churches;
  • Slander and stereotype [traditionalist] Christians;
  • Bait and switch (hide their true nature); and
  • Intimidation.

These often used LGBT tactics claim victimisation to gain sympathy and muster support for what is nothing more than a campaign to accept same sex relationships leading to same sex marriage in church.

Many churches have for years included gay worshippers in congregations with increasing numbers of openly gay clergy .

The only cases of exclusion I have encountered followed the introduction of the ordination of women when some Anglican Christians looked the other way and refused to share the peace.

As the provincial press release puts it, "More and more churches in Wales are joining the Inclusive Church register to pledge that they welcome everyone, whatever their age, sexuality, gender, race or physical ability. Fr John Connell describes the #inclusionis campaign at one of those hoping to join soon, St Augustine’s Church in Rumney, Cardiff."

Despite what is claimed on the St Augustine’s Church website this is not the "living catholic tradition" - even in the Church in Wales.

St Augustine's Rumney                                                                 Source: Twitter

Postscript [18.08.2018]

The Pinc List 2018: The 40 most influential LGBT+ people in Wales

No. 36 of 46 on the list is Bob Woods:

"Bob has been a lifelong LGBT+ activist in both his personal and professional life. A highly respected children’s social worker with Barnardos, he also fostered through the Albert Kennedy Trust.

"He has played a key voluntary role at St Teilo’s Church in Wales School in Llanedeyrn, promoting respect for difference. He has been an inspirational role model for young people which has given them the confidence to be frank about their sexuality and the confidence to say so in public and amongst their friends and family."

More indoctrination of the young by attempting to normalise homosexual activity.

The bishop of Llandaff does not appear in the list despite her best efforts. Her appointment over more qualified candidates of a transgender priest to the Parish of St John's in the centre of Cardiff must have come too late for her.

The winner in No 1 spot "Stood kissing her new husband on the steps of the register office, Cardiff-born Hannah and her ivory dress made a beautiful wedding picture.

"The Army captain had shunned her army wear and was every inch the bride. Oh, and did we mention she's trans?"

Where can the Church in Wales go next?

Postscript [19.08.2018]

The rainbow ring. Just a coincidence?


  1. Is it possible that Fathers Connell and Maidment might just both be gay too or are they just following Dick's orders?

  2. What ever happened to the apostolic doctrine of inclusion, 'Repent ye, and believe the gospel' This is so far away from that it is unrecognisable from Catholic, orthodox Christianity.

    Jesus includes all in his invitation to follow him. Would that they would highlight this important caveat.

    I also resent the implication that those not pandering to this agenda are somehow unloving or unwelcoming.

    My advice, brush up on your Bible, the bcp and the formularies of the Church and make your outreach fit with that not the other way around.

    A false gospel is no gospel at all and even coming from the mouth of angels is to be accursed (Galatians 1).

    It simply makes no sense to jettison a message owned by the power of the Spirit and replace it with a worldly parody in attempt to accommodate 2% of the population.

    This is not love it is desperation.

    1. It is not desperation but perversion.

  3. Zadok, how right you are.
    May I mention that that the previous incumbent was a wonderful priest who made all very welcome.

  4. Interpreting church welcome signs:

    "Everybody Welcome" means "everybody is welcome"

    "Everybody Welcome whatever their gender or sexuality" means "everybody is welcome (except you bible-believing bigots who would be happier at the large happy-clappy church down the road, and you traditionalist dinosaurs with your Victorian attitudes who would be happier at the vibrant RC church across town)

  5. Interesting piece. On the Diocese of Monmouth, I have notice that there are changes at St Stephen's Newport. A lovely Anglo catholic parish. In a local press article they are to license a "Focal Minister" what on earth does a Focal Minister do? Where are all these new titles coming from? Another smoke screen, for dwindling vocations or, some dynamic and fresh expression?

    1. 'Anonymous' comments without a pen name are not usually published. However, by way of information the following link explains the role of a Focal Minister:

      Various rumours are circulating about the dire state of the Monmouth diocese with unfilled vacancies causing additional strain on the remaining clergy. Vacancies are being covered by various means including lay people carrying out Communion by Extension
      but the Inclusive church marches on.