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Thursday, 22 March 2018

Lamb to the slaughter

Halal lamb curry - BBC Countryfile style                                                                                                                                                        Source: BBC

I was not alone in being shocked at the BBC's Countryfile coverage of the plight of sheep farmers last Sunday.

"Roast lamb is getting rarer" it was claimed, not because of a shortage but "because there is no money in it when no-one buys it." Exports had doubled over the last 30 years. The legs go to the supermarkets but the rest goes abroad, it was stated.

Perhaps Wales Online had the answer when they reported:  "There are millions of sheep in Wales... so why is Welsh Lamb such a luxury ?" Grassland consultant Gareth Davies called for an investigation into the pricing process as the meat had come to be regarded as “a luxury” by consumers. He tweeted "In Tesco today and I didn't see any British lamb below £10 per kg. I sold lambs at £1.60. Would like to see breakdown of the other £8.40."

Rick Pendrous, editor at Food Manufacture magazine, said: “Welsh Lamb products are at a much higher premium than New Zealand lamb. From The Telegraph: "It has emerged a majority of New Zealand lamb sold in UK supermarkets comes from halal abattoirs in order to ensure it can be sold to both Muslim and non-Muslim nations. Tesco, Sainsbury's, Morrisons, Waitrose and Marks & Spencer have all confirmed selling the imported meat."

This had led to growing pressure on supermarkets and restaurants to inform consumers how animals in their meat products are killed after it emerged some were selling halal meat without clear labelling.

Reacting to Countryfile 'promoting halal slaughter' the Express reported anger over the BBC's coverage: "The BBC has come under fire for broadcasting a segment on Halal meat on Sunday night’s Countryfile with viewers accusing the Corporation of hitting a “new low” and “justifying vile Halal slaughter practices on our soil”. This is a video clip from the programme

Discussing the practice the Imam featured in the video said: “There are certain practices where you want to fulfil a commandment of God and you’re basically invoking God’s name upon that. You are making the sacrifice in the name of God and now it’s made Halal. Halal means permissible and it’s been made permissible by God for you.”

He is not the loving God recognised by Christians. When the Apostle Peter said “I have never eaten anything impure or unclean, "The voice spoke to him a second time: 'Do not call anything impure' that God has made clean".

But the promotion of Islam goes beyond ritual slaughter of lamb. There have been many reports of our inability to confront the most dangerous aspects of Islam. ‘Rebel Priest’, Rev Jules Gomes graphically illustrated the problem when he wrote "Our most vulnerable girls pay sorely for our surrender to the Islamists".

The criminals, he says are often referenced as “Asians” rather than as “Muslims”. Although the predators hail from many ethnicities, many happen to be Pakistani.

"Rape in Pakistan is ‘often institutionalised and has the tacit and at times the explicit approval of the state.’ A Human Rights Watch study reports a rape every two hours and a gang rape every eight hours. What is particularly significant is the high percentage of Christian, Hindu, Sikh and other women from minorities raped by Muslim men in Pakistan. The British incidents reflect a perilous import from Pakistan."

God's name is invoked by Muslims in their cry Allahu Akbar (God is greater) when they slaughter the lamb and innocent victims of their intolerant ideology. Writing under the headline Danger, discrimination and dhimmitude the Barnabas Fund recently reported:

"Pakistan’s Christians are a suffering, vulnerable minority. They face violence at the hands of Islamist terrorists, discrimination in work and at school, and live with the ever-present threat of “blasphemy” allegations, which have led to Christian communities being ransacked by Muslim mobs. Authorities often turn a blind eye and are sometimes even complicit in crimes against Christians, including the abduction and forced marriage of women and girls.

There are too many 'blind eyes' turned in Great Britain but that the BBC should use licence payers' money to promote such an ideology is truly outrageous.


  1. Lamb is VERY expensive and certainly in my Vicarage on a Priest's stipend and with my wife's job recently being devalued by 20% (she works with severely disabled children and our Labour council STOPPED paying her for school hols to save cash - nursery nurses were already the lowest paid women in the school) it would be a luxury item indeed. However, I've stopped eating lamb because I cannot tell if it is halal or not. I disagree with the barbaric way in which it is butchered (look on YouTube if you think I exaggerate) and I cannot eat anything that has been offered to an idol or false deity. Rant over. Back to work...

    1. Stick to bacon, ham, pork and pork sausages, everything else is probably halal including Cadbury chocolate eggs (with the word Easter removed)

    2. Spot on my friend. I shunned Cadbury and Kellogg’s a long while back. I am stunned by the blindness and stupidity of those who don’t care where their money goes or what it funds. Still according to the bishops and Archdeacon of my church, I an RACIST for holding my views and also wrong to believe Christ is THE way to God.

    3. Yes, it's very odd........the CiW has constantly criticised Israel, while hosting lots of meetings with the Muslim council of Wales........... Double standards hmmmmmmm???
      Nobody mentions or seems concerned about Sikhs who break their religious beliefs if they eat meat offered to any other god. Why doesn't the CiW stand up to their right not to be offered unlabelled halal meat? I thought it wanted to protect the minorities!!!
      I have a friend who always makes a point of ordering fish when out and telling the waitress that she can't eat their Halal meat as a Christian!

    4. This article and the the responses above show a staggering degree of ignorance. Cadbury's choclate is 'halal' in the same way that bread and water are 'halal' or permissible for those moslems who follow a halal diet (and not all do, strictly). The rest of us can be eat our chocolate safe in the knowledge that nobody was slaughtered in their production (although, since Cadbury's eggs do have the word 'EASTER' on them, they remain a symbol of Christ's victory over the blood-baying sacrifices of the world).

      Happy Easter, when it comes, and hope all goes well on Tuesday, David. Accept whatever help and kindness you are offered and try not to be entrenched or operate from a place of victimhood.

    5. It is also about the prayers to a false deity. That occurs because gelatin from savagely killed animals is used in some Cadbury products. To certify themselves, Cadbury et al must pay a tax to Islamic bodies who are quite openly admitting that a portion of that tax goes to the certifying body; a portion to madrassas to teach young Muslims the Q’ran; and a portion to the mujahideen to enable jihad. Many of us have studied this ideology and see what’s happening in Europe. And it’s frightening.

    6. Thank you Father David. I am sure that many readers will have joined me in holding you in our prayers.

      Answers to the Cadbury halal question were included in a previous entry 'NT Egg Hunt'

      A link was provided to a list of Cadbury's Chocolate permissible halal products for the UK and Ireland which readers may find useful for reference purposes

  2. I get very cross when I see most of our supermarkets sell only Halal meat, with the barbaric methods and the prayers to a false god.
    I find only buying meat from a local butcher safer. What also struck me on a trip through Roath and Grangetown recently how many butchers have halal signs and I also notice Goat too. How safe our meat is make you consider a veggie and fish diet. Shopping local even though expensive can be more saving in the long term. PP.


  3. Buy halal = fund jihad