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Friday, 12 January 2018

How queer does the Church in Wales have to get?

A year of Open Table with the LGBTQIA+ chaplaincy in St Asaph            Source: Church in Wales

Those of us who look regularly at the Church in Wales web site to see what we no longer miss may have been struck by the paucity on news items lately. If the latest dollop of what ought not to be, "A year of Open Table with the LGBTQIA+ chaplaincy in St Asaph", is a reflection of the church in Wales today perhaps it is just as well.

The UK’s first LGBTQIA+ chaplaincy in the Diocese of St Asaph is celebrating a year of holding regular monthly meetings. "Our monthly meetings, called Open Table, involve worship and Eucharist but also an opportunity to learn from God and each other and socialise together" says the LGBTQIA+ chaplain, the Revd Sarah Hildreth Osborn.

She says, "the chaplaincy was set up to create a safe, sacred space as the Christian faith has something to offer everyone, including the LGBTQIA+ community." Have they not heard of the daily Eucharist when everyone is welcome without question. Perhaps they would prefer someone to be stationed  at the door to enquire if the worshipper is queer so that they can be given special attention.

Why can't they be honest? Their aim is to normalise homosexuality. The number of gay clergy is already disproportionate to society in general and we have priests in monastic orders who ignore the rules.

The Church in Wales we loved is in danger of becoming a feminist cult and refuge for sexual licence. The Church in Wales as we knew her is finished.


  1. It sounds like they gave created an LGBTQIA+ dating site with a little bread and wine thrown in.

  2. Sometimes I just shake my head in disbelief and ask myself, "how did it come to this?"

  3. I'm surprised the Chaplain still needs Open Tables in Llanrwst. As that is her own church I would have thought that was one place where LGBTQIA+ people were sure of a welcome. And what has happened in Wrexham, I wonder. There used to be monthly Open Tables there. Are the LGBTQIA+ now attending church normally, or are there are none in that area? Yesterday I asked the Vicar of a neighbouring parish if he had had a influx of gays. 'No,' he said. 'Just the ones that have always come.'

  4. The Reverend Sarah in her obsession to promote LBGTQIA lifestyle believes she is working on the principle of urbane (churchified ) utilitarianism, but she is wide of the mark .
    Her meetings do not promote the common good ,but she is encouraging a misguided minority to think that there actions produce good consequences : the contrary is true -this is egoism.