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Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Church in Wales 'love' triptych

The Bishop of St Asaph (centre) launching the UK’s first LGBTQIA+ chaplaincy with the bishops of Llandaff (left) and St Davids strutting their credentials.

This triptych emphasis what is now the most important issue for bishops in the Church in Wales today, accepting minorities - as if hey were not already - provided of course they are not the minority which strive to keep the faith against all the odds.

The first woman bishop in Wales lost no time in identifying with Pride Cymru. The bishop of St Davids led a Eucharist service in the Pride faith tent which celebrated "people from different religious backgrounds and their place in the LGBT community". 

The bishop's involvement in Cardiff's Pride Cymru festival was described as "fantastic" and "extraordinary" by Cardiff University Methodist Chaplain the Rev Delyth Liddell who "co-ordinated" the faith tent. 

Years ago one of the impediments to unity for some Methodists was the presence of alcohol in Communion wine. Now it appears that homosexuality could be the glue which binds Methodists and Anglicans together, or those who are left, adding a new dimension to 'when two or three are gathered together'.

Love wins according to the pride banner so enthusiastically carried before her by the bishop of St Davids. Many of the bishops in the Church of England have fallen for that trite little phrase ignoring the wider connotations but a far greater impediment to reconciliation will be voted on after the Church of England Synod debates sharing Methodist ministers. This would mean a break in the Apostolic Succession if Methodist clergy who have not been ordained by a bishop were entitled to hold Church of England services.

Sadly, few will care any more. Many of those who did care have left the church which nurtured them; rather, the Church has left them.

Real love loses.

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