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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

What a gay day

Source: Twitter
The Gathering is "a safe place for the LGBT+ community in Cardiff to explore the Christian faith". They meet in the "Upper Room" every Sunday evening at the City United Reformed Church in Cardiff.

Added to the list of LGBT highjacking of the rainbow, pride, gay and, more recently, love, it is no surprise to see the Upper Room with its biblical connotations figuring prominently in the latest LGBT+ affirmation by the Church in Wales. A marked contrast with the constant claims of persecution and allegations of not being welcome in the church.

I cannot be alone in having gay friends and acquaintances whom I have met solely through the  church. All are equally appalled at the current media intrusion into their lives.

The music hall humour of  What a gay day Larry Grayson in 'Shut that Door' and the like has become open that door with the first woman bishop in the Church in Wales, the so-called 'best person to be a bishop' eager for the LGBT limelight.

What a gay day it promises to be. If the bishops had spent as much time and effort on retaining disillusioned Anglicans as they have promoting LGBTQI+ they would not have to scour the margins to recruit people who prefer to put their own interpretation on the Bible to support their cause.


  1. Roy Thomas Davies Fan Club16 August 2017 at 13:23

    Am I alone in thinking this is becoming rather ridiculous? Okay, I know it's the 'Silly Season' and nothing much else is happening whilst the unaccountable senior strata of the C in W is sunning its collective self in foreign climes. But this obsession with homosexuality is turning this blog into open season for every bigoted shade of opinion. It's a wonder you've not had a supportive tweet from Donald J Trump!

    The great thing about AB is that you highlight the illiberal liberalism of the C in W and the intolerance of people like Barry the Golfer, Peggy the Pilate, and the rest of them who do their level best to silence all debate and dissent. But come on, a small group of gay people meeting for worship at Windsor Place URC? The URC is drinking in the last chance saloon, like most non-conformist churches. In ten years time it won't exist. Why kick something when it's down? In any case, how is this gathering any different, in principle, from the double-speaking gay Anglo-Catholics of Llandaff, meeting in someone's vicarage for a good bitch about June Osborne over a gallon of gin? Most of them are supporters of (and even contributors to) this blog. Not that they would admit it, of course.

    Summer is nearly over. Isn't it time to return to doing what AB does best and shine a light on the hypocrisy and double standards on the Cathedral Green in Llandaff and many other dark recesses of unaccountability?

    1. A gallon of Pink Gin and Rum pansies surely?

    2. They shall reap as they have sown16 August 2017 at 20:07

      One hears on The Green that bitching about June is the least of it with the bitterest bitching reserved for the "subversive" Parishioners and the evidence submitted to the QC leading the disciplinary Tribunal.
      Chickens coming home to roost perhaps?

  2. I take you point RTDFC and it grieves me having continue on the same theme but I blog with reference to "politics, society and religion, particularly if oddities or injustices are apparent". I find it odd that we are being bombarded by a minority which claims to be persecuted and unjust that children are being moulded the same way. Previous entries explian. If they shut up I shall too.

    1. If the Darth Vader continues his cloak and dagger, cowardly, vindictive agenda and retaliation towards critics, he will understand that blogging is not something that he bargained for when he established this kingdom of darkness. How intersting therefore your final sentence AB, "If they shut up I shall too". One fears the future looks bleak for bishops in this Darth Vader aftermath, but continued lucrative profitability for editorials, lawyers and sycophants, (www.Scandal and

      From a purely observational point of view of course, I would suggest he would now do well to sail off into the sunset,(as did previous Archbishops) and, as a matter of natural common sense, find another office for his consultant daughter to work from rather than Llandaff Cathedral.

      Natural Justice.

  3. RTDFC I agree, despite our frustrations, this illiberal liberal 'christianity' has a very limited shelf life and will be extinct soon enough or morph into a unorthodox 'cult'.

    Shame they will take the assets that the faithful over the years have built up, but God will bless a faithful church ultimately and that journey could be very exciting indeed.

    1. A legal challenge could be launched against the sexuality mob for assets on the ground of celestial jurisdiction. The lack 'Catholicity'

      Natural Justice

  4. Also found the following on Twitter:
    which is - lesbian, gay, genderqueer, bisexual, demisexual, transgender, transsexual, two spirit, intersexual, queer ,questioning, asexual, allies, pansexual, polyamerous.

    This was an advertised Elementary Teacher's course in Ontario US.

    Is this the new 'normality' coming to a Upper Room near you?
    The intention of the Bishop of St David's seems to be, to make the normal members of her flock believe that they are abnormal for failing to accept a strange abnormality!
    Is this to be the pattern of teaching from the new Bishops?
    An imminent disaster for the CiW, and I cannot agree that the new liberal agenda has potentially 'a limited shelf life'. What is taught in schools is here to stay.

  5. Keep posting these "oddities" AB. We have been advised to correct false teachers. Any Bishop that promotes the LGBT agenda along with "Buddhist talk and meditation" in any forum fits the bill of someone who should be chastised and corrected.

  6. Nil Desperandum faithful Bloggers. I have just collected my copy of the North Wales Chronicle and rejoice to inform you that for the second week running extensive reporting of the Eisteddfod Genedlaethol has refused to publish a photograph or report of the LGBT tune which was played by the old Joanna on the first Sunday of the festival. Goodbye Honkey Tonk.

  7. Should we launch an official support group for white, middle-aged, middle-class men? strike me that we're in the minority now and desparately in need of support.