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Sunday, 6 August 2017

First same sex marriage in the UK Anglican Church

"Marriage is the bedrock of our society and now irrespective of sexuality everyone in British society can make that commitment." - Women and Equalities Minister, Maria Miller, 17 July 2013

Mrs Miller was wrong. The bedrock of British society is the Bible which we "undermine at our peril".

As the then Bishop of London, the Rt Revd and Rt Hon Dr Richard Chartres put it at a symposium in the House of Lords in 2011: British society is built upon Biblical principles. Our culture and civilisation were founded on the Bible. If we undermine those foundations, we undermine our society.

If marriage were the bedrock of society it would be the union of a man and a woman as it has been throughout history and in virtually all human societies. Perhaps the Women and Equalities Minister thought it part of her equality brief to interpret equality as "same" when, in fact, marriage reflects the complementary natures of men and women - Coalition for Marriage.

In the same way that same sex marriage was promoted as 'equality', 'love' has being hijacked to become a synonym for sex, usually same sex and even self gratification, 'self love', according to Teen Vogue which has been promoting anal sex, instructing teen and pre-teen youth on how to have so called “safe anal sex”. (H/T Anglican Mainstream).

And so it goes on. “History was made” again last week when the first same sex marriage took place in an Anglican church in the UK. “Mark and Rick”, a US couple who had been together 24 years were married in a Scottish Episcopal Eucharist service in Edinburgh. After the Scottish ceremony Archbishop Justin Welby said the problem is still ‘intractable’. That is because the church has made it so by refusing to say 'No'. 

In their zeal Anglican bishops are secularising the church to the point where church attendance is becoming meaningless.

Love and equality have become synonymous with decline and fall in the Anglican church. In 2015 it was forecast that ECUSA (the Episcopal church in the US), the Scottish Episcopal Church and the Church in Wales face extinction within 25-35 years followed by the Church of England in the next century. Equally loved to death!

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