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Friday, 12 May 2017

Bishop David Thomas RIP

Bishop David Thomas with Pope Benedict XVI                         Source: Twitter

Many people in Wales and far beyond will be saddened to learn of the sudden death of Bishop David Thomas, former Provincial Assistant Bishop in the Church in Wales. There is a tribute from Credo Cymru here.

Updated Church in Wales tribute here [17.05.2017].

Bishop David’s funeral arrangements here.


  1. I was shocked and saddened to hear of the death of Bishop David Thomas, particularly as it was he who ordained me priest in St Mary's Church, Abergavenny on July 6th, 1997, one of the happiest days of my life. I was at his consecration service in St Asaph the previous December, when he became our orthodox bishop in Wales. He was solid and gentle in his pastoral care, and was a humble, kind and loving man. Whenever I called at their home, he and Rosemary always made me feel welcome and relaxed. I have very fond memories of the lovely Chrism Masses he held at diiferent centres in North Wales and of the Confirmation he conducted in Llandinorwig parish when I was curate-in-charge there. I know he was a great inspiration to the many priests and laypeople who chose to come under his spiritual care during his episcopacy in Wales. He was a godly and prayerful man who gave so much wealth to the Church. I am sorry I lost contact with him in recent years but I will never forget him. My heartfelt sympathy goes to his widow, Rosemary, and to the whole family in their sad loss. The touched the hearts of so many and will be greatly missed. I am so grateful to have known him and to have been ordained by him. May he rest in peace and may light perpetual shine upon him.

  2. Geiriau hardd ac addas,Tad. Amen a diolchi i chwi. Noble and appropriate words, Father. Amen and thank you.

  3. A huge loss to the Church in Wales made all the sadder and more bitter by the disgraceful and continued refusal by the bench of bunglers to appoint a successor for +David Thomas.
    RIP and RIG.

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  4. Retired and Relieved15 May 2017 at 10:35

    David Thomas, as well as being the epitome of Anglican holiness, was Principal of St Stephen's House, Oxford, and trained many for the priesthood who served in Llandaff and Monmouth Dioceses. He was a person of scholarship as well as a person of prayer. Barry the Golfer will have hated this, because it was a challenge to his restless machinations and manoeuvrings. No wonder he didn't replace him. Of course, had +Rowan not gone to Canterbury, he would have appointed a successor to +DT, because he showed us that orthodoxy is actually more generous than liberal intolerance.

  5. Dad often told of this blog Fr, I shall now be a regular viewer myself.

    Thank you for kind words in this article.

  6. such very kind words for such a very kind man xx