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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Westminster - a plea

The suspected Westminster attacker being tended by medics                                     Source: Sky News

The Westminster attack has already triggered the response on BBC Breakfast programme, "This has nothing to do with Muslims".

Perhaps not but it has everything to do with their Islamic ideology. Some progress has been made since world leaders such as Barak Obama, Tony Blair and David Cameron claimed "Islam is a religion of peace" - see  my earlier entry Spitting in the wind - but people are mistaken when they accord Islam the same standards as Christianity.

"Muslims believe that, unlike Moses and prophets who heard from God directly, Muhammad heard through an intermediary, Gabriel. In these revelations Allah changes his mind many times leaving followers with the problem of abrogation which results in taking the more recent (violent) verses in preference to earlier (peaceful) verses. Consequently the religion of peace in the Quran gives way to the sword:  "The later verses, known as the “Sword Verses” (9:5 and 9:29), were considered by Muslim scholars to have cancelled the previous verses mandating kindness and persuasion. Expansionist jihad became the explicit norm."

By contrast with uncorroborated revelations received by Muhammad, Jesus Christ is the fulfilment of eight Old Testament prophesies. The probability of fulfilling all eight prophesies has been calculated as 1 x 1028 or 1 in 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000."

The Sky News picture shows the suspected attacker receiving the same medical assistance as his victim would have received. That is because we live in a Christian country. In an Islamic state he would be more likely be tied to the back of a truck and dragged through the streets.

There are regular reports form Pakistan, Egypt and the like about Muslim mobs attacking Christians for no other reason than they are not Muslims. If not attacking Christians they are attacking each other for being the wrong sort of Muslim.

Islam is a supremacist ideology. We must stop making excuses. Instead of saying it has nothing to do with Muslims we should be saying that it has everything to do with Islam and explain why. There is only one way to the Father. If we not believe that, how can we convince others?

Postscript [27.03.2017]

Taken for a Ride? Islam and Religious Liberty

President Erdogan, who is rapidly turning Turkey into a Caliphate, once said that “Democracy is just the train we board to reach our destination.” Is religious liberty also a train that Islamists ride until they reach their stop?....Full article here.


  1. The BBC is the mouthpiece for the elitist liberals so in love with their theories of multi-culturalism like Blair, Cameron, Mandelson, Junckers, Tusk Obama et al.
    Their experiment in re-engineering our society is literally costing lives and still they peddle their twaddle and plenty of their faithful suck it up and fall for it.
    Tens if not hundreds of thousands of Christians of differing nationalities and ethnicities continue to face an Islamic holocaust of relocation, displacement, forced conversion, tax, torture, mutilation and beheading, yet these fools are so blinded by - and so certain of - their own ideology, the mantras drone on - "the religion of peace", "nothing to do with Islam".
    And still not one single prosecution over female genital mutilation!
    At least the tax-payer won't have to foot the £40,000 a year cost of holding the attacker in prison for the several life sentences he would have served had not the police sent him to meet the mythological 72 virgins.

  2. Baroness Caroline Cox (video) should look around her own liberal party. Plenty of silks available there who are ready for a quick buck in domestic'star court' type courts similar to Sharia.

  3. I am sick to death of friends making excuses for Islam, and telling me 'I know good muslims'.
    'Good ' and 'Muslim' do not sit together to make a coherent sentence.
    Acting in a good way means to do what is morally right. Which part of yesterday perpetrated by the terrorist was morally right? It was an evil act.

    Even those Muslims who did not physically kill a mother and a father and others,and maimed many others innocents, are complicit in the vicious attack by following the teaching of the Quran.

  4. So,when Christians kill and maim other groups, as occasionally happens,, are we complicit because we follow the teaching of Jesus?

  5. Please don't be obtuse Fenordinando : Jesus does not teach murder , and I shall leave you to check the teaching of the Quran with regard to the kafirs or infidels.
    Also please inform yourself how many Christians are killed for their faith on a daily basis.

  6. So for you it is just a matter of quantitive a calendar Millions of Muslims don't agree with murder either. Berk.

    1. Unfortunately other millions of muslims do believe in murder and don't hesitate to commit murder.
      So much so that the the biggest killer of muslims is other muslims.
      When was the last time a group of Christians killed or maimed "other groups"?
      How often does such an occurrence happen in comparison to muslim terrorism?
      Berk yourself.

    2. Jeremiah, the answer to your question is 'about 500 years ago'. If that seems long enough ago to be dismissed, don't forget that Islam is about 500 years younger than Christianity.

    3. You make my point for me thank you Maureen.
      Millions of muslims are still living in the middle ages.

  7. Fenordinando, it is not going to be productive to engage in a tit for tat claims and counter-claims.
    What many non-Muslims would like to know is how Muslims reconcile their 'Religion of Peace' claims with Quran verses known as the “Sword Verses” (9:5 and 9:29) which are considered by Muslim scholars to have cancelled the previous verses mandating kindness and persuasion.

  8. Meanwhile in Bangor two out of the many faiths are joining in prayer?? Why are other faiths not invited? To whom do they pray when it is joint? I think in Islam this means that Bangor Cathedral becomes a mosque after muslim prayer is held there??