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Thursday, 17 March 2016

Rugby descends to thugby

Jones defended his Prop's racist slur before dropping him. Source: Telegraph

Using brutality rather than skill England have the Six Nations rugby Grand Slam in their sights. Under their new coach Eddie Jones they aim to be the ‘most dominant team in the world’. If their aim were based on arrogance the other five nations, not to mention the Southern hemisphere would be left standing. Jones has found himself in like company but the All Blacks and the rest of the Southern hemisphere must be laughing their socks off.

For outsiders everything about the England team's performance has become a bore, ruining enjoyment of the game. Not only the team. Whenever they play compete, the BBC and ITV become the English Broadcasting Corporation. Viewers are subjected to a constant barrage of  England, England, England as if nothing matters but an England victory showing the utmost discourtesy to opposing teams.

Unlike in the days of the late, great Bill McLaren, biased commentators and their supporting pundits, notably Brian Moore, ruin the game with their inability to see beyond England and their presumed right to win every time, no doubt based on the resources they have to draw on which dwarf the resources of the rest of the Six Nations. If the competition were a handicap there is little doubt about who would carry themselves home with the Wooden Spoon every time.

In their match against Wales, one of England's exponents of Jones' brutality tactics was sighted on two counts but no action by the Rugby authorities was deemed to be necessary leaving the offender available to take England's brutality to France in the hope of an undeserved Grand Slam to the detriment of the sport.

Allez les bleus!


  1. Congratulations to Wales on their second place...

  2. Thank you Father and congratulations to England for leaving Jones' brutality scheme at home. If media pundits learn a similar lesson our enjoyment of the game as illustrated in the Bill McLaren link will be restored.

  3. Butter wouldn't melt! Which team had the player convicted (by an independent panel) of eye gouging? Now that's brutal 'thugby'. And I am a Welsh supporter.