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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Church in Wales Christmas farce

Photo: CinW

You could be forgiven for thinking this is a lineup of hopefuls demanding a part in a Church pantomime farce. In many ways it is.

Not to be outdone by their sister group, Women and the Church (WATCH), now more popularly known as Women in the Church (WITCH) having achieved their goal of feminizing the Church of England, this group is determined to do for the Church in Wales what WATCH has done in England but with nothing in return in the form of alternative Episcopal oversight as enjoyed in England. Indeed bishops of The Anglican Mission in England are not welcome in Wales. Bizarrely, homosexuality, same sex marriage and dialogue with Imams are all more acceptable to the liberal minded Church in Wales (CinW) episcopate.

Having achieved their aim, WATCH tried to unpick the agreement which enabled women priests to become bishops. Under that agreement everyone in the Church of England was to be given the opportunity to flourish. WATCH then tried to dictate the terms of the agreement until the ombudsman stepped in and sent them packing.

In the CinW pantomime the wicked WITCH, eagerly aided by the Archbishop of Wales, scuppered the chances of everyone being given the opportunity to flourish as soon as the goal of women bishops was achieved. Contrary to the wishes of the majority of CinW members, no provision was made for members who did not support the non-Biblical innovation of women bishops.

The pantomime plot is to convince everyone that "there is a long way to go before women – lay and ordained – achieve equality in the church", a prejudiced attitude that has no evidence to support it but with the Archgenie waiting in the wings to work his magic it is a claim that will no doubt gain support among the nodding majority. The aim is based on a process of positive discrimination so that even the most abysmal female candidate is preferred over outstanding male candidates, especially men who continue to follow the Apostolic teaching of the Holy Catholic Church.

The irony in the plot is that there is discrimination in the Church in Wales but it is not against women. They are the cause of the discrimination which is against cradle Anglicans whose faith has been sidelined to accommodate entrists using Anglicanism to promote their brand of feminism.

Note the comments of the Venerable Christine Hardman who "played an important role in getting the legislation to allow women to be Bishops passed by the Church of England". Her inauguration as the new Bishop of Newcastle took place on Saturday. From a report of the event:

Growing up on a London council estate, a young Christine Hardman admits she had nothing to do with religion. Church was so far removed from her life growing up, it was guarded behind a huge fence. “Church didn’t touch our lives on that council estate,” she said. “We weren’t a church going family and the only church on the estate had a big fence so I had nothing to do with it.”

"It was devastating, I felt so sad that the picture the outside world have of the Church of England was that message, that women can’t be Bishops I didn’t want people to see the church like that,” she said. Rev Hardman worried that the church would never be able to attract young people to worship and was alienating people with an idea which many found offensive".

Perhaps she had not noticed that the outside world could not care less about the Church except when applying their secular standards to a faith that has no interest for them until a convenient opportunity for advancement is spotted by some.

Similarly the Venerable Peggy Jackson had no religion before her husband deserted her. She said, "I was at a low in my life, I thought I would give the Church a go and I found the most wonderful welcome. I was feeling desperate and it was a lifeline at a very black time." Her thanksgiving is to punish cradle Anglicans who do not accept her interpretation of the Christian faith by seeking to exclude them.

So having "given the Church a go" the women of  WITCH, WATCH, MAECymru or whatever and their sidekicks remain as determined as ever to force their agenda at any cost, even the demise of Anglicanism in Great Britain.

What a farce!


  1. Cradle Anglicans will be the the ones facing "a very black time" as progressives and WITCHes stir up the pot adding to the church's toils and troubles.

  2. Let us not forget the Campaign that was not called 'COW' but had to be called MOW.

  3. Same old, same old ...In 1992 I remember the then Bishop of Taunton later Bishop of Manchester telling us not to worry about those would leave because of women priests, but rather to think about all the new people who would join the CofE because women were to be ordained as priests. 23 years later, the attendance figures continue to decline unabated, but the Liberal narrative / fairy-tale remains the same.

    However I note from the interview that you linked to that the new Bishop of Newcastle wishes to give "a voice to the voiceless", so perhaps she could be encouraged to intervene with the Archbishop of Wales concerning the situation of those who do not accept women bishops in the Church in Wales. No? Thought not ...

  4. What really concerns me ,and dare I suggest, should concern us all,and that is,what to do at this point. In all life situations we have little choice other than to start 'from where we are' . It would be a miracle if one could change what is now in place and in Canon Law. We may continue to ruminate on the demise or rather the alteration, of the Church at the hands of the women's movement ( with the marked assistance of the secular and political world promoting 'so called' equality ).
    Our personal spiritual peace and growth is a priority, and thus to turn our minds to a positive way. I do not dare to suggest 'how'.
    The starting point is trust that The Church can never be destroyed .

    1. Of course not Simple Soul, the 'ekklasia' remains intact. It is the 'cult' which they hang on to.

  5. We all knew it was only going to be a matter of time before Darth ++Insidious jumped on the bandwagon!

    May the farce be with you - and also with you!

    1. Speaking of Darth ++Insidious and farce in the same sentence, the grumblings on The Green this week concern the long-awaited and 18-month-late Quinquennial report that is being kept secret even though it is supposed to be a public document.
      Reportedly it is over 200 pages long and involves repairs that will cost in excess of £1.5 million! One hears that much of the work has been carried forward as outstanding from previous Quinquennial reports, reflecting on the mismanagement of Bonaparte, His ++Darkness, Peggy the Pilate and successive Chapters that couldn't run a bath.

    2. What about the ructions over the sale of the Llandaff Memorial Hall?
      I hear the Llandaff Society are threatening the Cathedral and bully boy Bazza with legal action over claims the hall didn't belong to the Cathedral.

    3. Do you mean the ructions over the £385k that Llandaff Cathedral has allegedly received for the sale Memorial Hall?
      What about the stories that Gerwhine has secretly appointed his favourite Mr Toad as the new Cathedral Administrator without advertising the post, shortlisting or competitive interview?

    4. Have you seen the sickly leaflet produced and sent out by the Cathedral School?

      Worthy of Barry Morgan's propaganda machine at 39 Cathedral Road.

      "Providing a new resource for the School and the Community".

      If the Cathedral School had hired the place regularly it would not have needed to be sold in the first place.
      And the standard of grammar is appalling! Did no-one proof-read the script?

    5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    7. What odds that the shameless Bonaparte will have the nerve to darken the Cathedral doors on Christmas Day flashing that familiar sincere grin?

    8. Stop the Abuse of Office24 December 2015 at 21:02

      This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    9. And this from the Dean of Llandaff who stands up in the pulpit pontificating about his personal life being private!

    10. Cheering for Janet30 December 2015 at 22:41

      I hear the glove puppet is now sacking members of his choir again.
      You couldn't write a script for the shambles that is Llandaff Cathedral.

    11. Since Bielby was sacked the standard of music on offer by the faux Cathedral Choir has been dismal, reduced to unison congregational grade 1 fertiliser.
      At least the voluntary Merbecke choir stalwarts can sing F in Darke.

    12. The standard of singing under Bielby was hardly a positive advertisement for the 130 year-old Llandaff choral tradition Peggy the Pilate and Bazza's glove puppet Gerwhine claim to be maintaining.

    13. Now he's got rid of Compline, the next thing on Gerwhine's agenda will be to further reduce the number of services for the boys to sing. One hears that young Mr Hill seems to have discovered the hard way that running a small Parish choir is a very different kettle of fish to running a Cathedral choir.

    14. They could hardly do much less as it is!
      No evensong on Tuesdays & Saturdays.
      The 9 lessons & carols sung by a mixed boys & girls Cathedral school choir, a guest choir sang the so-called midnight mass and at the Christmas morning 11am there were only 5 on the back row due to the sacking of a counter-tenor immediately prior to the service.
      And now one hears Gerwhine has sloped off to seek solace in Liverpool.
      The Dark ++Lord must be so proud of his golf caddy.

    15. I hear there is now a fourth Virger on the Llandaff payroll, or perhaps more accurately, an oily amphibian Administrator and three assistant Virgers.
      They'll be able to start a four-part choir soon.
      Is that Gerwhine's cunning plan for the music department he said he would tell us all about in the New Year, the week after he sacked Bielby?

    16. What would Jesus say?3 January 2016 at 10:16

      It is always a shame when blog posts are removed, particularly ones that remain unanswered and undisputed.
      So often, this blog is criticised but repeated challenges (to produce hard evidence that would contradict claims made on here) have, without fail, been unmet.
      So often, Ancient Briton and his/her contributors are the only truthful sources concerning what the despot ++Morgan and his cabal of brown-nosers are really up to in Llandaff and the CinW.
      Illegitimi non carborundum!

    17. Not only removed WwJs. Many more comments judged to be too personal have not been published. The key is in the header, "'Anonymous' comments are not published. Comments for publication should be 'on topic' and not directed at third parties please."

  6. More valuable time and money being squandered.

    They may as well not bother visiting Llandaff but would be wise to ask Prof Eleri Jones what happens to expensive reports after they've been commissioned and written.

    1. And then ignored.
      Rather like the 2004 and 2009 quinquennial reports that just sat in Captain Peacock's In Tray gathering dust after Bonaparte disbanded the Fabric Committee.