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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Crises! - What crises?

Installation of the Dean of Llandaff                                            Original photo: Church in Wales

"Repairs being carried out at historic Welsh cathedral after piece of stone fell from building during funeral." 

I am not without sympathy for the Dean of Llandaff, regarded by some members of the Cathedral congregation as a decent man who is trying to do a difficult job under difficult circumstances but by others as an inappropriate appointment by an unscrupulous Archbishop and completely out of his depth. He certainly seems to have been dropped in it, something Janet Henderson was wise to avoid. 

Despite the mathematical skills of his predecessor, Bonaparte, a number of miscalculations have come to light from doubts about the accounting procedures used for the organ appeal funds, to the appropriateness of the organ project itself, given the financial problems of Llandaff Cathedral and dwindling congregations.

Obsessed by the ordination of woman and now by the advancement of the gay agenda, Dr Morgan's main concern appears to be focused on the acceptance of same-sex marriage in Church. Manipulation towards this end has been in evidence for some time at parish, deanery and diocesan levels, all geared to deliver the Governing Body result programmed by the Archbishop whether consonant with the faith or not. 

Gay activists have learned a thing or two from the feminist infiltration of Anglicanism by using their strategy:
  •  Exploit the “victim” status;
  • Use the sympathetic media;
  • Confuse and neutralize the churches;
  • Slander and stereotype [traditionalist] Christians;
  • Bait and switch (hide their true nature); and
  • Intimidation.
So being gay has become the in-thing, picked up by politicians, bishops and career minded priests. Journalists were not slow in seeing which way the wind was blowing. Honestly held views are attacked under the guise of 'equality' while activists make accusations against anyone who begs to differ. For a flavour of this phenomenon read some of the comments made in response to an article by Peter Mullen for the Church of England Newspaper (here) for questioning "the £360,000 bill for 'facilitated conversations' which, it is hoped, will break the deadlock between liberals and traditionalists on the contentious issue of the Church’s attitude towards homosexuality".

With women bishops firmly in place in the Church of England the emphasis now is on manipulation, abandoning the concept of equality which was the basis of their complaint to ensure that they are considered for preferment above men regardless of ability. But the best laid plans....! Read "Drive to make CofE less 'male, pale and stale' backfires" here.

While the feminist agenda is being fine-tuned and the gay agenda advances, the poor disenfranchised pew sitters continue giving more money than many can afford to support a failing institution which treats them with contempt for keeping the faith rather than kneel before each new sacred cow. It cannot last.

Crises! What crises?


  1. Superficial Healing28 July 2015 at 16:38

    An interesting title! And as it happens the story behind it was used by Diddy David Fisher in his opening remarks of a sermon some weeks ago. A sermon that seemed to question the validity of the news that church congregations are dwindling. Could he not see that his own congregation has fallen significantly over the past couple months?! Not being aware of his surroundings is a common weakness in DF, however. Now worsened by the fact that his best friend and protector, the Archdeacon of Bangor, has provided him with his own little office well out of the way of the great unwashed.

    Couldn't sour Sue not have taken him with her?

  2. Enough is enough28 July 2015 at 18:46

    Very funny cartoon AB, thank you.
    But please bear in mind that the two biggest problems facing Llandaff Cathedral appear in it.
    Capon is undeserving of any sympathy.
    As Bazza's chaplain and aide de camp, it is inconceivable to me that he knew nothing of the organ appeal fund scandal, the real reasons for Janet Henderson;s resignation, the Captain Peacock maladministration, the lack of employment contracts for the real Cathedral Choir, the state of the finances, the parlous state of the fabric of the building etc
    He made his bed. Let him lie in it!

  3. Where will it end?28 July 2015 at 19:05

    And more of the same.

  4. Cannot be a re-baptism ; the soul is unchanged.
    What transgenders need (if anything) is a renaming ceremony,and that does not take place in a Church,Civic Offices will do.

  5. Can somebody please explain how this changed church can still claim to be catholic i.e. universal etc etc. I just don't get it. Joseph


    1. Joseph - you are right not to get it.
      The Church in Wales can produce a long list of churches with whom it is in communion, but this does not include the Catholic Church. It is 'catholic' (broad based and universal )in that anybody can join in , and anybody can do their own thing, because there is no 'Authority ' in the Anglican Church. The lack of authority corrupts the teaching of the church.
      It has surprised me that comments have not readily appeared to discuss this valid point with you. I know that some readers of this blog ,vehemently and proudly deny any association with the Catholic Church; I know of people who refuse to recite the relevant phrase in the Creed - " one Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church" the order for Holy Communion written for "Churches Together in Wales" there is no mention of belonging to the catholic Church in the "Affirmation of Faith"

      Joseph- I don't get it either!

    2. What is there to get?30 July 2015 at 18:48

      His ++Darkness has engineered matters so that the Church in Wales is not 'catholic'.
      The Church in Wales is no longer Apostolic.
      The Creeds get re-written every ten years or so, the Eucharistic rite likewise, the Lord's Prayer is about to become the Ladies Prayer and saying aMEN means you're a male chauvinist pig - oops, sorry that's not halal or kosher - read male chauvinist cow - oops, sorry that's upset the Hindus - read male chauvinist frog - oops that's upset the oily amphibian Mr Toad - oh sod him!
      The Ten Commandments are now an optional pick'n'mix buffet.
      The Church in Wales isn't a Christian church anymore.
      How long before the first transgender cross-dressing trans-sexual polygamist S&M pot-smoking vegetarian cocaine-snorting crystal-healing feng-shui water-divining ninja rastafarian mohammedan bhuddist taoist fortune-telling hindu methodist presbyterian seikh gypsy nomad seer window-licking all round good egg becomes the next Bishop of Llandaff?

  6. My friend the 'Beleaguered of Bangor' appears to be falling behind with the latest developments at 'Stalag 13' Bangor. Arch-scheemer Davies was seen deep, in a kind of (these walls speak) conversation and giving a guided tour to a possible contender as successor to the illustrious Sue. The candidate, former Canon Missioner John Daniels, ( Jack Daniels) who, it is believed, was given his marching orders by the late Bishop Crocket and fled.

    My word, what wonderful solidarity from His Darkness and bench sitters towards the departed bishop Crocket.

  7. Are all Morgans related? I hope that I'm not one of them!
    I decamped from pseudo-anglican Episcopalianism as experssed in the USA in 1987 for the Eastern Orthodox Church, where I've been really happy, although I have to call myself the 'first of sinners' every Sunday.
    My ancestor Daniel Morgan was a compatriot of Daniel Boone (their mothers were sisters) who taught the native americans to scalp. I pray for his soul.
    James Morgan