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Thursday, 16 July 2015


"We have created the conditions for full scale revisionism not just of order in the Church but our very understanding of revelation."

"How we speak of Jesus reveals something of our faithfulness or not to what God has revealed."

"What it is that makes the Church I would say is the passing on and the receiving and the passing on again of the Apostolic Teaching and the Apostolic Tradition."

"The legitimacy of what the teachers teach in fidelity to Scripture and Tradition does not depend on reception by the faithful...This has always been the case in the past."

Hat tip to TitusONENine for this Anglican TV video of Bishop Michael Nazir Ali speaking on "The Necessity of Unity in Truth for the Church’s Mission", at the International Catholic Congress of Anglicans, Fort Worth; also to Anglican Mainstream.

Recommended viewing if not seen already. A refreshing change from the personal pulpit politics of many Anglican Bishops today.

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