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Friday, 9 January 2015

Answers please

"Don’t complain … we’ve all been caricatured here"

"What do you do if you see someone being mugged on the street? Well, if you’re the Welsh Establishment you just walk on by, and even go back and give the poor man another good kicking just to make sure he’s down."

Yesterday the Daily Wales republished an article about one of the most disgraceful events in the history of the Church in Wales. Under the authority of no less a figure than its own Archbishop, Dr Barry Morgan believed the images published in the Church in Wales’s periodical Y Llan to be so offensive to Muslims that the newsletter was pulped and subscribers asked to return their copies.

Dr Morgan said: "We recalled all the papers, I personally picked up some from some churches and they have all been pulped". He then phoned his Muslim chum making a grovelling apology, presumably forgetting that Jesus Christ, the Son of God is "the way and the truth and the life" and that no one comes to the Father except through Him. Perhaps Dr Morgan is ignorant of the fact that Muslims deny that Christ died for our sins, appeasing the wrath of God and taking it upon himself. Ironically the cartoon can be readily found by Googling the caption. The sorry saga is detailed here.

A letter of 2 Nov 2006 to the Church Times from the Archdeacon of Bangor concerning "a significant factual inaccuracy" can be found here.

As the events in Paris unfolded I was sickened by suggestions that the Charlie Hebdo journalists had somehow brought their slaughter on themselves for publishing material offensive to Muslims. Why should Islam alone be above scrutiny? They are not slow to condemn anyone who does not subscribe to Islam or even to a particular branch of Islam. In the Middle East, Christianity is facing extinction while Islam expands in the West. The link in my previous entry clearly illustrates the plight of non-Muslims in countries where Muslims increase as a percentage of the population. But ignoring all the evidence woolly minded liberals continue to perpetuate the myth that Islam is a religion of peace and accuse questioners of Islamophbia. There is nothing irrational about holding a religious ideology to scrutiny when the dangers are clear for all to see even if most of the atrocities are elsewhere. It is only a question of numbers.

On May 23, 2013, the day after the Woolwich incident in London, in which a British soldier was murdered by two Muslims groomed under Anjem Choudary, the Oxford Union debated the motion that “The House believes that Islam is a religion of peace”. Yes’s: 286 No’s: 168. One of the speakers in support of the motion was the media savvy Mehdi Hasan, political editor of the Huffington Post. His excuses for Islamic excesses are challenged in a follow up posting here. Two prominent people in a position to oppose such a motion, Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, have been banned by the Home Secretary from entering Britain. Robert Spencer's rebuttal of Mehadi Hasan's claims can be read in full here.

Not all Muslims are terrorists but most terrorists subscribe to the Islamic supremacist ideology which classes Christians and Jews as apes and pigs. Christians and Jews may be offended by such charges but we defend ourselves with the pen, not the sword or AK 47. To subject those who would seek martyrdom using sophisticated weaponry and who find justification in their holy book written by a man considered perfect regardless of his life style is not an irrational fear, it is about the preservation of a civilised society.

Political and religious leaders must do better. There are too many questions. We need answers based on an authoritative, independent study of the facts, not excuses from committed Muslims trapped in their own ideology under threat of death for apostasy. Capitulation is not the answer.


  1. I don't suppose anyone will be standing up in the cathedral pulpit this Sunday detailing why Mohammed is a false prophet.

    1. In that unlikely event there is plenty of background material for the preacher here

  2. From the BBC website describing reaction to the Charlie Hebdo massacre,
    ‘The unprecedented attack shocked France and there has been an outpouring of sympathy and solidarity worldwide.’ An exception being the Archbishop of Wales, who remains, to his utmost shame, stubbornly silent on this incident. ‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.’ Lessons all round there, methinks.

  3. The former Archdeacon of Bangor graciously says that the factual inaccuracy was in the Church Times report. The reality is that the Church Times was simply reporting what it had been fed by the CinW media machine. It was curiously removed from the CinW website as soon as it was known that the Archdeacon was putting the record straight. Dishonesty is hard-wired in to the DNA of 39 Cathedral Road - and Llys Esgob.

  4. After suffering a week of Islamic terrorist atrocities, European politicians and faith leaders have been invited to the Unity Rally in Paris this Sunday as an expression of solidarity with the people of France. As a wannabe senior faith leader (ummmm) I wonder whether His Darkness has been invited to Paris for the rally? The CinW website reveals that the last provincial press release was issued on the 24th December 2014 (note, NOTHING during this week of terror), ‘Stand up against the world’s darkness [sic] and show the light of God’ says the archbishop. Well, Your Darkness, get off your backside and get yourself over to Paris this Sunday and show some support for the French and stand up for a free, tolerant, pluralist society.

    1. Amen, brother or sister. Who ever you are.

  5. The abysmal truth is that scholars HAVE analysed the Koran, and have shown conclusively that it is no more than a pastiche of texts taken from other people's scriptures. Equally the grim facts about the life and actions of its founder are well known. But nobody dares to publish these facts: the consequences for doing so are prescribed in the Koran. Of the kind with which we are all too familiar, from the Religion of Violence.

    1. Interestingly, the fact that Islam is a religion of hatred and violence was accepted by a British court: Nick Griffin (then leader of the BNP) was being prosecuted for promoting religious hatred because of his 'claiming' that Islam was a religion of hatred and violence, and his defence consisted of a forensic analysis of the Koran and examination of what it actually says. The court found him correct and acquitted him. This was carried on one BBC news bulletin and then 'pulled'!

  6. Beleaguered of Bangor10 January 2015 at 09:41

    Not only is Barry Morgan uncharacteristically silent, when he usually can't wait to pontificate about any national or international matter; but the other bench sitters - and in fact the whole of the C in W - are deafening in their silence. I can only assume a 'media lockdown' has been ordered from Llys Esgob. As he squirms inside the bunker, polishing his golf clubs, Barry will be employing his usual tactic of 'keep quiet until they go away.' Unfortunately, I see that the social network sites are awash with it, and some are calling for our former Archdeacon to be invited to address this evening's vigil in the Bay! Only an arrogant autocrat believes that the chickens will never come home to roost.

  7. Plattitude Watch Wales10 January 2015 at 15:49

    I see the verbally voluble Edwards is tweeting on the subject now, taking a self-righteous swipe at the Sun's front page and encouraging people to light candles rather than hold placards with Je suis Charlie. Obviously doesn't want to offend his fellow OBE recipient from the Muslim Council of Wales. When is this narcissist going to shut up and put an end toall his self aggrandising hot air? My spies tell me that the BBC - Radio Cymru especially - are on to this and getting very little response from The Green or number 39.