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Thursday, 9 October 2014

Church wrecker involved in social injustice

The Archbishop of Wales the Most Rev Dr Barry Morgan. Photo: WalesOnline

"Community leaders invited people to join together for the 'common good'" 
- WalesOnline (here). 

This initiative is being taken under the umbrella of the Citizens UK organization, "a powerful alliance of local Community Organising groups" with the aim of holding politicians and other decision makers to account [my emphasis - Ed.]. All the more surprising then to see the Archbishop of Wales featured since he is one of the few decision makers not to be held to account in his own organisation despite presiding over a 25% fall in membership under his leadership.

Dr Morgan arrogantly claims: "The Church in Wales has a presence in every community, but we cannot do this on our own. If you are part of civil society - a church, a union, a mosque, a school, a synagogue, a residents’ association, a temple, a student organisation or any other community group, and you want to tackle the social injustices in your community, come and join your local citizens alliance."

Historically the Church has a presence in every community but only around 1% of the population of Wales with 31,048 worshipers now attend church regularly even though over half the population claim to be Christian. By contrast the Muslim community which accounts for 1.5% of the population according to 2011 census figures has 45,950 regular worshippers! Barry's Muslim chum Saleem Kidwai said: "There is more that unites than divides us. Cardiff’s Muslims are committed to working together with others to work out the destiny of our own communities" which doesn't say much for integration. Dr Morgan knows a lot about that.

In the following video the question is asked by one of the Archbishop's clergy, "What is putting pressure on them and their family?" For worshippers marginalised in his own organisation it is Barry's brutal decision to exclude Anglicans who keep the faith. Who will hold him to account for that injustice and for his wrecking of the Church in Wales?


  1. ‘The Church in Wales (the Anglican Sect in Wales) has a presence in every community…’ Just who is His Darkness trying to kid? Everywhere there closed churches, merged benefices, clergy appointed to half time pastoral jobs and half time diocesan roles. The buildings are locked. Communities in the valleys have no priest and in many cases what little pastoral work that is done is undertaken by retired clergy. His Darkness can’t have it all ways, his liberal policies have destroyed the pastoral presence of the church in our communities and then he says there is a church presence the community. He’s utterly deluded.
    However, give credit where credit is due – the CinW membership is not ‘around 1%’ of the population of Wales, it is in fact LESS than 1%!

  2. Um, social justice? I wonder whether Archbishop Barry will be campaigning for the first female imam to be appointed in Wales?

  3. Sorry to remind you yet again Ancient Briton. Barry Morgan is not the 'Archbishop of Wales'. He is only the 'Archbishop of the Church in Wales'. As you rightly maintain, less than 1% of the population.

    There is no Archbishop of Wales just as there is no Archbishop of 'England' save only Canterbury. Both Morgan and Welby being as irrelevant as each other.