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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

2020 Vision but still myopic!

The Church in Wales has chosen an interesting logo for their 2020 Vision Sunday campaign. Any similarity with the logo used by the South Orlando Baptist Church, here, will be coincidental but surely theirs could have been better utilised by the Archbishop. In the Baptist Church, His mission means what it says but in the Church in Wales it would be Dr Morgan's mission.

From the Church in Wales web site:

Churches across Wales will be re-adjusting their focus to 2020 Vision on one Sunday in November.

They are being asked to mark November 16 as 2020 Vision Sunday by supporting and praying for the Church in Wales’ strategy for growth.

Major changes are well underway in the Church in Wales as it responds to the challenge of making the best use of its resources to serve Wales today. These include expanding traditional parish boundaries into create larger “Ministry Areas” and encouraging lay people to take up leadership roles. The strategy is called 2020 Vision as it looks ahead to the Church in Wales’ centenary in 2020.

Prayers, readings and a sermon themed around 2020 Vision are being sent out to all churches in time for the special Sunday and are also available online.

Vision Sunday is a precursor to The Time Is Now Conference when "about 200 people from churches across Wales to share their stories of how their churches are responding to changes.They will be joined by the Archbishop of Wales, Dr Barry Morgan, and the six other Welsh bishops. There will also be conference theologian who will reflect on the issues under discussion. Dr Christina Baxter CBE, is a former Chair of the Church of England’s General Synod’s House of Laity, former Principal of St John’s Theological College, Nottingham, and a lay canon of Southwell."

Call me an old cynic but one has to question the validity of any consultation organised by the bishops after they ignored the consultation designed to inform the Bench about the Code of Practice and meekly did just as Barry wanted them to do to the detriment of the Church in Wales.

Any strategy for growth should be encouraged, including those where churches are thriving.  As the Second Church Estates Commissioner Sir Tony Baldry said when speaking in the Commons about the Church of England, previously cited as an example of good practice: "the Church of England is deeply committed to the flourishing of all those who are part of its life in the grace of God...Indeed, I think we would all hope that every part of the Church of England can now flourish and thrive." So why not the Church in Wales?

Barry's strategy has become a familiar pattern. The Governing Body were presented with a procedure designed to secure the desired result on the admission of women to the Episcopacy. Then they were handed for consideration a loaded question about homosexual people being made to feel unwelcome with a similar rouse being used to gain acceptance of same-sex marriage in Church. Members are also being encouraged to consider their approach to assisted dying. All part of Dr Morgan's  mission rather than His mission.

If the Church in Wales genuinely wants a strategy for growth it should truly be His mission is our future, not Barry's. The fate of the Church in Wales under Dr Morgan's rule is painfully clear. I hope at least one of the 200 or so people from churches across Wales will pluck up the courage to ask if the outcome of the conference is predetermined as were the 'consultations' on the Code of Practice, or will they be hand-picked to avoid any opposition?

This is a suggested Collect for used for 2020 Sunday, including the unsaid thoughts of the Bench:

Generous God, thank you, that you bless us with so much love. Help us to recognise and celebrate all the good things that you have given. Lead us to be wise and just stewards of all your gifts so that, inspired by your grace, the Church in Wales may grow in love and service of others and be living signs of your reconciliation and hope in our communities and for all creation - so long as they are not faithful Anglicans remaining true to the Catholic faith! Amen.


  1. By 2020 there will only be 20% remaining of the current Church in Wales, which is 20% less than it was remarkably recently! But you can be sure there will be no reduction in the number of passengers on the gravy train - probably 20 more!

  2. Interesting Collect composed by the Bench-sitters, NO MENTION OF JESUS! But then they have specialised in eradicating the essentials of the Christian faith from the Anglican Sect in Wales.

  3. "about 200 people from churches across Wales".
    This seems a deliberately vague target to publish, presumably to mislead the gullible.
    In all likelihood, "about 200" will turn out to be 80 and for "from churches across Wales" read His ++Darkness has invited the Methodists, Baptists, Calvinists et al to try and boost the numbers.
    Unlike the dismal "Sneak a Peek" rubbish, this seems to be a propaganda attempt to declare the "Conference" an outstanding success before it has even taken place.
    Only the utterly myopic are taken in by Bazza's bullsh*t anymore.
    One good thing about the year 2020 is that by then hopefully His ++Darkness will have left the Church in Wales, but he will have ensured its terminal decline.

  4. Well, well. Yet another stitch up on the horizon.

  5. If Bazza continues his deconstruction of the CW there will be little remaining to make this a significant event. He has hollowed out the traditional church and taken away the splendour, the joy and the authority it once had, reducing it to a one man secular liberal think tank incapable of vision. Surely someone should have a word with him.


  6. Llandaff Pelican30 October 2014 at 10:13

    The Diocese of London has recently launched a 2020 Vision campaign. The difference is that London produces five times as many ordinands per year than the whole of the C in W. It is genuinely diverse (unlike Byzantine Barry's monochrome white, middle class, liberal Protestant kabal, where he will happily get into bed with declining churches like the Methodists and URC but the growing Catholic and Orthodox churches are off-message). The Bishop of London is a figure around whom the whole Diocese can unite (he is as popular in Evangelical churches like HTB as he is in St Mary's, Bourne Street). Difference and diversity is celebrated, not persecuted. Traditionalists know they have an equal place at the table alongside progressives. This is especially reflected in Richard Chartres' episcopal and archidiaconal appointments. Never mind, Byzantine Barry will be off the scene by 2017 at the latest (if we can last that long) and poor +Gregory Llanelwy will have to get out his shovel, clear up the mess, and try to turn the ship around in a three year time-frame. Any responsible Diocesan bishop, having reached 65, and knowing he has run out of steam, would have put the future of the Church before his own ambitions. But I sense we have a long wait before BB clears the stage for a more gifted and conciliatory successor.

  7. Interesting stuff! But how many 'ordinands' does CiW produce? I know of one chap who got as far as meeting the DDO, with strong support from their parish priest, but was made so unwelcome they almost walked after a few minutes, and was told at the end they would not be put forward. Does that person count as an ordinand or not? If the message is clearly 'straight, white, male catholics and evangelicals need not apply' then you are bound to be down on numbers.

  8. Megalomaniacs do not tend to go away. Look to Russia : Putin was no longer Prime Minister, so he made himself President, and is still in control.
    I have no doubt whatsoever that BB will create a role for himself so that his influence remains paramout.

  9. A sad (and pastorally damaging) postscript to Llandaff Pelican's previous post. In the last 48 hours a family from my parish turned up at our main All Souls' liturgy at which the departed are remembered BY NAME, candles are also lit, and those for whom we have conducted a funeral in the past 3 years are invited. This family hadn't been invited (because we didn't know about them) but their mother had her funeral at Llandaff Cathedral about two years ago. They came to us on spec, rather than the Cathedral, because they had been told that (as they put it) 'Mum would not be remembered this year.' They arrived with their mother's name written on a piece of paper, and thought they would have to plead for her name to be included. The
    welcomers were horrified at the thought that they believed their request might be refused. They showed the family to their seats, made them welcome, and came straight to the sacristy to give me the name, which was included in the commemoration of the faithful departed. This morning, I found a card on the doormat with a deeply moving message of thanks from this family, and an expression of how important it was for them to hear their mother's name.

    When young, inexperienced clergy are appointed to high office too swiftly (whether as Bishop of Bangor in their mid 40s or Dean of Llandaff after barely a decade in priest's orders) be afraid. Be very afraid, lest you begin to believe that you are infallible and untouchable. Intended or not, it is seen as arrogant high-handedness when some one who, in all other normal circumstances, would be no-where near a Deanery at this stage of his ministry, takes to the parish magazine and declares "I have decided..." to abolish at a stroke a valuable and rooted pastoral and liturgical practice. For one family I know of, this has proved deeply distressing. From what they told me at the refreshments afterwards, they will never enter the cathedral again. Let those with ears to hear... 'He hath put down...'

  10. I am so pleased that the family found a welcome and a place at your service, that really is good news. But let's have the whole story - Dean Gerwyn wrote that this year those wanting to remembered their departed would have an opportunity to come up and light a candle in their memory, he stated: "I have decided to do this rather than have the faithful departed named individually – it will be a reflective service of music and readings. I hope it will be a special time for any of us who have lost loved ones to express our love and thanksgiving for them". Indeed it was a very moving and special time for those of us who attended. The act of lightning a candle was deeply appreciated as a meaningful expression of or remembrance and a symbol of our prayer for the souls of those we have loved and lost. Yes, a different format, but every but as meaningful - perhaps more so.

    1. One wonders what the attendance figures will reveal.

    2. I am sure that it is "groovy" to light a candle - but it misses the point of the All Souls' Day service, which is to name and to pray for the departed. Why abolish such a thing? God has no problem with hearing our names: Isaiah 43.1 I have called you by your name - you are mine.

  11. Llandaff Pelican4 November 2014 at 16:19

    Good for Groovy, I say. But Groovy's experience does not invalidate the thrust of Fr Moote's post and the pastoral damage it did. "I have decided..." has consequences. As I said in an earlier post, to deny the reading of names represents a cavalier attitude - not just to Christian tradition, but to pastoral need. It's just as bad as the incompetent priest getting the deceased's name wrong at the crematorium!

  12. Another sad situation in your cathedral. First the music and the musicians are the victims. Now it is the bereaved. What a poor example of leadership from your Dean: "I have decided..." Not "A large number of people have expressed the hope..." or "having consulted widely..." or even "it is beginning to feel and I would welcome feedback". Just "I have decided". Nothing alienates people more in organisations, makes them feel disenfranchised, or implies that what matters to them is of little consequence.

    It would be good for your Dean, who manifestly lacks experience, to take a look at what happens in other cathedrals and churches. At our cathedral, last night, we had a requiem Eucharist, with Faure's Requiem, and a beautifully crafted section in the middle where names of the deceased were read out while, at the same time, people simply came forward to light candles. The place was packed.

    What is meaningful for Groovy will not be meaningful for everyone - especially if bereaved people have expectations about how they will be ministered to. "I have decided..." is just a sign of inexperience and, yes, I fear, arrogance.

  13. I was going to add my original post (but didn't want to make it too long) a question about what level of training and mentoring has been put in place for the Dean of Llandaff? The appointment was reckless enough; but to leave him 'floating' and with the potential to lurch from one pastoral or strategic disaster to another is considerable. With good, experienced deans in places like Hereford, Gloucester and Bristol, there's no shortage of role-models within an hour's car drive.

    I genuinely feel torn over this because he has been put in an impossible situation by an irresponsible Bishop who is clinging-on to power like a dictator and is, himself, lurching from one pastoral and strategic disaster to another.

    1. If Bazza's golf caddie had any common sense he would have continued to refuse the appointment.
      Even if he's only got a handful of GCSEs the glove puppet should have been able to work out for himself that Llandaff is a poisoned chalice. Perhaps he lacked the wit to call Janet Henderson to discuss the matter. As Bazza's chaplain he would almost certainly have known how many others (with far more experience and greater intelligence than him) had turned it down.
      Alarm bells ringing, red lights flashing, klaxons sounding? How deaf could he possibly be?

      It brings to mind the story of Satan tempting Christ in the Wilderness by showing him all the great worldly things on offer if he would but comply. It seems the Capon succumbed to His ++Darkness whispering sweet nothings and empty promises in his ears.

      As best I can tell Fr Moote, he only has himself to blame for his predicament.

    2. Quite so, Luke.
      The blatant stupidity of the appointment is merely confirmed by the mere thought of on the job "training and mentoring".
      Such "training and mentoring" should have taken place during University, Theological College and the experience of a long and distinguished 25 to 30 career a Parish Priest, following which and by which time, a senior appointment might be appropriate.
      The entry published on page 47 of the 2014 Llandaff Diocesan Yearbook sums it up.

  14. Llandaff Pewster8 November 2014 at 18:12

    The ears on the Cathedral Green report that for the last month or so bully boy Bazza's glove puppet has resorted to importing talented "amateur" singers to sing for a £25 fee per person per service.
    This from the Cathedral Chapter that made it's own professional singers redundant last December claiming they could not afford to pay them the paltry service fee of £14.
    One suspects that the Capon might well get a letter from EQUITY sometime next week.

    1. So the famously socialist Archbishop of Wales and his golf caddie are shipping in Scabs to sing in his Cathedral.
      Who are these people?

      So much for the CinW propaganda on social injustice.

    2. @Llandaff Pewster
      You've hit the bullseye.
      Cantemus have been seen singing in the Cathedral.
      Shame on them for being so greedy.

    3. Snouts in the trough8 November 2014 at 21:59

      Members of Lyndsey Gray's Caritas choir have also been seen taking their share of the glove puppet's 30 pieces of Silver.

    4. The standard of music at the Cathedral today was dismal, utterly pathetic.
      £25 a head?
      Not worth tuppence.
      One of the biggest services of the year and that's the best the glove puppet can produce?
      He should resign immediately in shame.

    5. So now it has been established that Llandaff Cathedral CAN indeed afford to pay for singers (at almost double the rate paid to the Lay Clerks that were made redundant), one trusts every guest/visiting choir look forward to such fees.
      Or is the glove puppet's generosity available only to a select few?
      Members of Amici Coro, the Bedwellty Deanery Choir, Cantorion Iesu, the Cathedral School Chapel Choir, the Cathedral School Choral Scholars, the Cavendish Choir, Lisvane Parish Church Choir, Lyra Davidica, the Merbecke Choir, the Oriana Singers, the Spectrum Singers
      the Palestrina Singers, Wessex Cantorum et al who have graced the Cathedral with their singing during this year should refuse to do so again unless they too get paid for their trouble.

    6. With his 40 years service at Wakefield Cathedral, one finds it hard to believe that Jonathan Bielby's friends and acquaintances in Yorkshire will be best pleased to learn of him being willing to work with imported scab singers.


    It seems Mrs Hallinan has left the Cathedral's employ and Bazza's spy is the new administrator.

    1. The Organ Appeal Fund chickens seem to be coming home to roost.
      It seems sums of money may have been diverted to pay the salary of Cathedral office staff.

      The truth will out.

    2. This links with ABs story at, in particular the entries published on November 19, 2013 at 12:46AM and November 19, 2013 at 7:05PM.

      Invitations to the Llandaff Cathedral Organ Appeal Committee secretary and the Llandaf Cathedral GiftAid administrator for further clarification of their previously published remarks now appear to be appropriate.

      Failing that a referral to the south Wales police fraud squad?

    3. Cheering for Philippa12 November 2014 at 00:19

      There was no redundancy "consultation process" announced so did Mrs Hallinan choose to leave or was she pushed?
      In either case, when did the Cathedral publish a job description, advertise the post, shortlist suitable candidates, conduct interviews and subsequently appoint Avril Paxton?
      Will His ++Darkness and his glove puppet never learn?

      Here's hoping that Mr Hallinan, a partner at Robertsons Solicitors (yes, you've got it, Llandaff Cathedral's solicitors) has filled in the appropriate forms and sent them off to the Cardiff Employment Tribunal.

    4. The Weekly Notes reveal more Darth ++Insidious/glove puppet skullduggery.

      Harry Joyce, Michael Smith and Richard Moorhouse held the post of "Organist & Master of the Choristers".
      Michael Hoeg, James Norrey and Sachin Gunga each held the post of “Assistant Organist”.
      The third post in the Music Department has been variously described as Conductor of the Parish Choir, Parish Choir Organist, Second Assistant Organist etc.
      In previous editions of the Weekly Notes David Thomas' name appeared under "Music Dept" but is now listed as the "The Cathedral Organist".
      Jonathan Bielby’s name appears under the title "Interim Director of Music".

      Has the position of “Organist & Master of the Choristers” been made redundant?
      When were the new posts of “Interim Director of Music” and “The Cathedral Organist” created?
      When did the Chapter discuss and agree these changes to the Cathedral establishment?
      When and where were job descriptions and advertisements published for the posts of “Interim Director of Music” and “The Cathedral Organist”?
      When did competitive interviews and auditions take place for these new posts?

      It is illegal to make one member of staff (Sachin Gunga) redundant and then bring in a (cheaper) replacement a few months later to do the same job.
      If the Chapter won’t take action then the PCC should or are they equally spineless and toothless?
      Is there no sense of shame anywhere in Llandaff?

    5. On that monthly joke the "Music Scheme" for November, David Thomas is described as
      "Director of the Parish Choir".

      What is going on?

  16. One understands that there is a meeting of the Llandaff Cathedral PCC scheduled for tonight.

    Suggested items for their Agenda.

    What has happened to Mrs Philippa Hallinan?
    Did she resign, was she made redundant or was she sacked?
    Has the salary of Cathedral Office Assistant been funded by the New Organ Appeal?
    When and where was the vacant post Cathedral Office Assistant advertised?
    By what competitive open interview process was Avril Paxton appointed in place of Philippa Hallinan?
    Why did Christopher Gower fail to show up as the Dean announced from the Lectern?
    What has happened to the new "Organ Scholar" announced to the Friends of Llandaff Cathedral by the Dean?
    Why did the Friends of Cathedral Music pull out?
    Has the post of “Organist & Master of the Choristers” been abolished?
    When and by whom were the job descriptions for “Interim Director of Music” and “The Cathedral Organist” drawn up?
    When and where were the posts of “Interim Director of Music” and “The Cathedral Organist” advertised?
    By what competitive open interview and audition processes were Jonathan Bielby and David Thomas appointed as “Interim Director of Music” and “The Cathedral Organist”?

    Prediction: Not one member of the PCC will have the backbone to raise even a single question!