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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Easter Message

If you don't like it you know what you can do!                                                        Credit: Church in Wales

Archbishop Barry Morgan has been pretty consistent in his pastoral care; if you don't like it you know what you can do. Let's face it, looking at the steep decline in Church attendance in Wales under his stewardship, many have.

Concluding his Easter Message he said: "Solidarity and forgiveness sum up the meaning of Easter and when one sees these values exemplified, one begins to realise the significance of what it means to believe in the God of Jesus."

Archbishop Morgan's local newspaper has been looking forward to the meeting of the Governing Body (GB) of the Church in Wales on 23 and 24 April suggesting that "Political parties could learn from the Church in Wales' approach to decision-making" concluding with "People of all parties could work to bring something of the generous spirit of the governing body to wider politics and work to build a society in which are neighbours are not just tolerated but loved."

Published with the GB minutes is an appendix, Appendix 1 – To enable Women to be Consecrated as Bishops. The 4th clause will be of particular interest to members of the Church in Wales who have not left but have not felt loved either:

 "In approving this Canon the Governing Body entrusts the Bench of Bishops without delay to agree a Code of Practice which commits the Bench to making provisions such that all members of the Church in Wales including those who in conscience dissent from the provision of section 1 may have a sense of security in their accepted and valued place within the Church in Wales."

According to the LNYD blog (here) diocesan meetings called to discuss the Code of Practice have been consistent in calling on the Bench of Bishops to provide a traditionalist bishop to minister to the 'original integrity' within the Province. 

Hitherto the Archbishop has strenuously opposed this. The Bench must now demonstrate solidarity and love. If Dr Morgan still has a problem with that he knows what he can do.


  1. There is no teaching from Archbishop Barry , just mere dictatorship .
    It makes me wonder why do Anglicans cringe at the mention of Papal infallibility (which is in fact infallibility of all the Bishops in doctrinal unity with the Pope) ?
    There is no generous spirit in the Governing Body which has been pruned to represent ++ Barry's view and intent ,and the Bench has been chosen and crafted to speak and act in the mind of ++Barry.
    The Archbishop finds it very easy to say "we love you"- and in his mind that phrase then gives him a licence to do as he wishes , because the Archbishop actually believes that his opinion cannot be in error, but he would not dare to say that he is infallible,would he!
    I regret to say that I shall be very surprised if the Bench ( of whom Barry has said will make the final decision in respect of 'loving' arrangements for dissenters ) offer anything near a traditionalist bishop.

  2. There's a simple solution: the bench of bishops should vote to sack (-)Barry and replace him with a traditionalist Bishop of Llandaff. (But I have just watched a pig fly past the chancel window....)

    All in peace and love.

  3. We believe in the Holy Trinity :
    The Son is God ,the Father is God and the Holy Spirit is God.
    But why does (++) Barry say "............the significance of what it means to believe in the God of Jesus"
    God is one being ,the Father,the Son and the Holy Spirit.
    Heretical or not?
    (-) Barry may be a worthy notation.

  4. The Governing Body is certainly picked and pruned to the liking of the hierarchy. There are of course the elected members, but there are many many ex-officio members who seem to be picked with no particular expertise or reason, just those who are in favour. There is no-one on the Bench who could claim to be a traditionalist or cares about those of us in the church. As it was said, there is no evidence that women as bishops will bring people into the church and those who stated it was the case are deluded. We won't get a code of practice that is acceptable or worthwhile.

    1. Thank you for your comment but no more "Anonymous" comments on this thread please - see "Introduction" in the right hand column.