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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Feminist cockerel is no match for Nelson's column

Katharina Fritsch says Cock is her 'feminist statement'                                 Photo: Gautier Deblonde

The fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square is again occupied by an inappropriate gimmick. Reports here and here, among many others. 

Onlookers interviewed for the BBC were baffled. The first person interviewed wondered if it had anything to do with the Mayor of London. Boris Johnson is of course a true blue but that is a far as it goes. Even Boris struggled to come up with a convincing explanation. 

The world has recently celebrated Nelson Mandela International Day For freedom, justice and democracy. The fourth plinth should be his.

NMF Photo/Oryx Media, Benny Gool

1 comment:

  1. "A great piece of public art"? Echoes of the song from my childhood about the Emperor's magic clothes, but then if piles of bricks, unmade beds and dissected sheep are "art", who am I to be sceptical?