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Saturday, 29 June 2013

World Pride Power List 2013

No.1 Ellen DeGeneres   Photograph: Brian Vander Brug/Contour by Getty Images

A Guardian Supplement today lists the 100 most influential LGBT people in 2013. No doubt they wouldn't care less but to be honest I have never heard of most of them. Some of those I had heard of, I didn't know were gay but that is as it should be. We don't go around proclaiming people's heterosexuality so why should we celebrate homosexuality? We should like and respect people for who they are without labels although it becomes difficult when it comes to what some do. I don't mean in privacy but in public. As in the Stonewall advert on the front page of the Guardian Supplement which says: "Say 'I do' to equal marriage". This is a complete distortion designed to bend public opinion by the misuse of the word equality in their determination to redefine marriage.

The tyranny of minorities has become a complete pain. In another Guardian story 'Scotland's first minister, Alex Salmond, will boycott this year's Open golf championship in protest at the host club Muirfield's men-only membership policy'. Good. At least people will be spared his endless prattle about Scottish independence, another minority interest to the detriment of the majority. What is wrong with 'all male' when 'all female' and in between is acceptable? Normally I would quote the all female Girl Guides compared with the any sex Boy Scouts as a good example although even the Guides are now failing to live up to their original promise!

But back to the subject. The vocal Chris Bryant MP must be gutted to find himself listed at a mere 34 when his same-sex marriage campaign has dominated politics, helping to push the real problem of the state of the economy out of peoples' minds. And one must surely feel for Ben Bradshaw at a paltry 62 but it could have been worse!

At least WATCH should be heartened. From a quick count the list appears to have a sense of parity about it. What could be more important this Petertide when many more women will be celebrating their victory over the church, or should I say Petratide!

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