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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Quaint Britain

Unprotected: Wearing a cross may cause offence to other faiths!

Protected: Muslims praying in the street wearing Islamic dress.

This was the case until the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) eventually ruled after a long struggle that the UK had failed to protect the freedom of Nadia Eweida (pictured left) to manifest her faith in the workplace. In another judgement the ECHR ruled that Abu Hamza (pictured right) along with five other terror suspects could be extradited after spending £4million on their keep in this country. Those remaining are still at liberty to do as they please within the law and they demand their right to be heard. Not all enjoy the same privileges.

Life in Britain can often seem somewhat quaint to say the least. While Islamists are still allowed to peddle their venom under the protection of the law some peace loving Christians are still not allowed to display a cross on “health and safety” grounds, a position strengthened by HM Government when they argued that this was not a breach of human rights because wearing a cross is not an essential tenet of Christianity.

No doubt with the best of intentions the Hope not hate (Hnh) organisation is conducting a campaign to prevent two speakers who oppose Islamic extremism from entering the UK to address the problem. The Left Foot Forward Blog is urging "Don’t turn Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer into free speech martyrs" but in its opening line there is a hyper-link which fools people into signing the Hnh letter to the Home Secretary simply by clicking the "written" link! 

There is an obsession in this country in showing Muslims in the best possible light on the premise that not all Muslims are bad people. They are not but their beliefs are contrary to the Christian faith. The latest example can be read here but an entirely different story is told in pictures here and in a video here. Some of the items on Pamela Geller's blog do seem extraordinary as do the events recorded by Robert Spencer in his Jihad Watch but they are no less real because they take place in other countries. 

Mercifully we in Great Britain are exposed to less frequent Islamist attacks than others thanks to the vigilance of the security services but Christians and other non-Muslims in Islamic countries and beyond are under constant threat. Should we not not be allowed to heed the warnings and decide for ourselves?


Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer have been banned from entering Britain to explain the threat posed by Jihadism, what Melanie Phillips describes as 'The British government's jihad against free thought' here.

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