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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Today's top story

I am not a soccer fan, nevertheless I understand why so many fans are wrapped-up in the 'beautiful game' which allows a degree of escapism from the trials of life but I despair that it dominates the news when matters of substance affecting the lives of people should make the headlines. 

Having endured the extended deference to Sir Alex Ferguson's impending retirement at lunch-time I thought that gesticulating George may have offered a more balanced presentation on the BBC's News at Six, but no, it was Sir Alex Ferguson's retiremant again. Soccer is portrayed as the beautiful game despite the disgusting example of over-paid players spreading germs not only by constantly spitting but by evacuating their nasal cavities onto the pitch, a habit that has become the norm along with having to drink excessive amounts of water at every conceivable opportunity. So as far as I am concerned the less exposure the better.

Normalisation was also the process highlighted in today's second story, the State opening of Parliament. Yesterday we absorbed the news that Charles would represent the Queen at the Commonwealth Conference in gesticulating George's home country of Sri Lanka and that Charles would have a more prominent role in future so here he was with Camilla his former mistress  being prepared to act as consort despite all the denials that accompanied their establishment as a couple after the death of Princess Diana, rather like the denials that accompanied the appointment of women priests then bishops - just give it time!

Afterwards came reports of abduction, murder and abuse with the obligatory gut-churning statements before what appeared to be almost an afterthought when some time was given at the end of the bulletin to the Battle of the Atlantic, the longest continuous campaign of WW2 which ensured our survival and enabled us to watch events unfold now as a free country, sadly in decline, not through war but through total indifference.

Thank God for all those who gave their lives so that we are free to endure the trivia that has become all important today.

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