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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Archbishop was 'un-Christian' in woman bishops campaign

Possible contenders                             Photo: The Independent

Early in his occupancy of the seat of St Augustine it was said that Rowan Williams should have had a minder to avoid him saying things that he understood but others did not. Flip forward to his appearance at the Hay Festival having vacated Canterbury and we have: "Rowan Williams today told a Hay audience that the argument [over women bishops] was a “weight to me as it is to many” but admitted he was glad to find himself with more time to, “turn into a Christian again”.

Intended or not the implication is that the women bishops argument has everything to do with politics and nothing to do with being a Christian. This has been confirmed by the revelation that the current incumbent, despite his impeccable 'mediation' credentials, is determined to see that feminism triumphs over Christianity even if it means asking the Queen to dissolve the Church of England’s General Synod if it continues to oppose the creation of women bishops.

Rowan Williams earned a great deal of derision after he appeared to back the introduction of sharia law in Britain arguing that adopting some of its aspects seemed "unavoidable". Justin Welby continues along this road appearing to be blind to the different attitude of Muslims when they are in a minority compared with how they behave when they have the upper hand. [See previous entry.] In fact our bishops seem far better disposed towards Muslims than to faithful Anglicans who simply want to practice their faith as they have done for decades before the liberal majority exercised their power. 

Pakistani-born scholar the Rt Rev Michael Nazir-Ali knows a thing or two about these things. Read here what he has to say about Muslim aggression and capitulating to secularism. 

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