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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Rowan: at home

I had not expected to blog again on Archbishop Rowan, at least not so soon after my previous entry, but having watched Goodbye to Canterbury my wife and I were entranced seeing the Rowan of old. Here was the man whom his students adored, plainly in his element, at home in teaching others without the political contortions we have come to expect over the last ten years. But there were some puzzling moments. Rowan referred to the stability that Canterbury epitomised amidst the chaos that surrounds us but here was the man who helped create chaos in the church by his slavish adherence to the feminist cause almost implying a sort of 'Jekyll and Hyde' character forcing change on an institution while cherishing its essential heart. 

Speaking of St Thomas Becket towards the end of the programme, Abp Rowan comments: "What is it that makes it possible to take a stand for the Kingdom of God? What is it that is going to make that possible for me?" - For many of us it is the ordination of women. How is it that this eludes him?

He concludes: "The more diverse we get the more we need Canterbury". Precisely! Recommended viewing.


  1. I read somewhere of the Emperor Nero winning a chariot race even though he came in last.

    Let us be clear about one thing - 'You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free'.

    Archbishop Rowan will have many regrets. Among them will be a certain act of corporate cowerdice when confronted with evil, 'Scandal and Offence'.

    1. That link doesn't seem to lead anywhere.

    2. I have tested the links and they are working but the main link 'Goodbye to Canterbury' is to the BBC iPlayer which is not available in all areas, sorry.

    3. PS
      Oops! I see now that you refer to Enforcer's comment. The link should be (without 'Scandal and Offence'). That works.

  2. Hi, the Scandal and Offence blog can now be found at: