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Monday, 10 December 2012

Alien marriage

Every time I read the press I become more convinced that many national figures have been possessed by alien spirits. What possible excuse can there be for redefining marriage to accommodate a minority, many of whom see no point in it, other than that they are being driven by alien forces?

David Cameron's assertion that marriage is such 'a great institution' that all should have the opportunity to marry is absurd when the institution of marriage is increasingly ignored by heterosexual couples who prefer to cohabit in a less privileged position than same sex couples benefiting from 'civil partnerships' which are already widely regarded as 'marriage' in all but name

Boris Johnson's change of heart is of mega proportions while Tory strategist George Osborne has placed same-sex marriage at the centre of the the Party's bid to win the next General Election!  Also joining the clamour is Sir John Major, former Tory Prime Minister and acknowledged adulterer who would have been better advised to keep his head down as would have his co-adventurer, also a fan of gay marriage.

Hoist with his own petard is former Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey who called on church leaders to “rip up its rule book” and speed through the introduction of women bishops when he disapproved of a NO vote over women bishops without proper provision for those opposed to the measure. Given his "highly controversial" remarks at a rally of anti-equality campaigners, that "opponents of gay marriage are being treated in a similar way to the Jews at start of Nazi rule in Germany", the Archbishop should at least have some feeling for the way orthodox Anglicans have been treated.

Always keen to support a minority other than orthodox Christians in his own Church of Wales is their Archbishop Barry Morgan who displayed similar double standards when he warned: “Gays and lesbians claim they are still treated as second-class citizens, tolerated at best and vilified at worst. Very often homosexuality is talked about as if real people were not involved and gays and lesbians complain of being talked about rather than talked to in Church.” If he believes that the Archbishop needs to get out more or change his advisers. 

Heterosexual Christians no more want to see gays and lesbians treated as second-class citizens any more than heterosexual Christians want to be branded as bigots for holding their genuinely held belief that marriage can take place only between a man and a woman. If same-sex couples want to be 'united', 'pledged' or otherwise 'associated' that is up to them but to be 'married' is totally alien to the meaning of the word. If that is not obvious to our political and religious leaders then they must be possessed of an alien spirit. 


  1. Today, the 11th of December the Census figures reveal that Wales has the highest number of 'no religion' people. The Rhondda features as a notable area of secularism. You would think that the Archbishop of Wales would have something to say about the deep secularisation of his own diocese yet alone his province. On this subject - Total silence. You would think he does not care.It has happened on his watch.
    What subject does he talk about today? You got it in one. The Church in Wales being banned from having same sex marriage; he calls it a step too far. This is how he talks and so many people in Wales, officially, without Jesus!
    Jesus looked out over Jerusalem. Why can't our bishops look over and after us, all of us, straight, church, chapel, Welshies, the no religions and gays too, and English people, those against women bishops, and those for, all of us.
    Lets forget the religion that is sex-orientated. How about de-mythlogizing sex?
    Where your treasure is ... our mouths reflect what is in our heart. Ask John the Baptist.Our archbishop spoke from the heart today.

    1. So Bazzar of Margam feels he should be able to ignore an Act of Parliament and be given the 'choice' to conduct gay wedding services.

      Defection to the 'Quakers' could be an attractive option for him.

      Now,was that a sigh of relief I heard, or what?