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Saturday, 22 December 2012

Abusive, racist or trendy?

For some women the Church of England is trendy. For others it is abusive. For another it is   racist.

It didn't used to be like this. What has changed?


  1. Dear Ancient Briton

    Thank you for adding to our enjoyment of the penitential season of Advent. As concerning Ms Hudson-Wilkins: to judge from her utterances over resent times she seems to take delight in being abusive and abrasive - basically "if you don't agree with me, get out of my church" so maybe it is all about her and not racist at all when people say they don't want her ministrations. It is also saddening that she failed to get elected to General Synod - how could the clergy of the diocese of London have been so blind to her particular gifts, which would have fitted in so well there? Maybe some other reader of this blog has a copy of her election address that they could share with us?

    I also note that all of the three ladies are deemed to be potential bishops. By extension, this must mean that there are thousands of women priests out there also worthy of the pointed hat. How on earth is the church to meet their legitimate career aspirations? I have a pragmatic solution to this: automatically upgrade all women priests to bishops - problem solved. Only trying to be helpful, you understand.

    Wishing you and Mrs Ancient Briton a traditional Christmas.

    1. Thank you Father and a very Happy Christmas to you from both of us.