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Friday, 18 May 2012

From the Diocese of Salisbury

Picture: Friends of Salisbury Cathedral

From the Salisbury Journal

MEMBERS of the Salisbury Diocese have jointly issued a major new paper ahead of a forthcoming vote in General Synod on draft legislation for women bishops. Contributors to the 54-page document include former MP and chairman of the House of Laity Robert Key, the Dean of Salisbury June Osborne and co-ordinator for Learning for Discipleship Dr Stella Wood.

Canon Jane Charman, who wrote the introduction to the document, said: “Women are truly among some of the most gifted, dedicated and inspirational clergy in the Church – a Church which has yet to honour them as they deserve. “What women have chosen to say and the tone or voice in which they have said it has added significantly to my understanding of this issue and how it is perceived and experienced by those who are most directly affected by it. “This seems to me worth sharing and my prayer is that this offering from the ordained women of Salisbury will in some way assist those who will soon be voting on the measure.”

The Archdeacon of Sarum, Alan Jeans, said: “It’s a hallmark of this diocese, from the bishop to the pews, that all are to be valued and affirmed for who they are and what they bring to the Church’s ministry. I would commend the paper to those in the diocese who are both for and against the measure, as a helpful contribution to the ongoing discussion.”

 Let us pray during this Novena that the gate is left open for those people who are "most directly affected by it" and that "all are to be valued and affirmed", particularly those cradle Anglicans who have seen their Church torn apart and told simply to take it or leave it.

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