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Friday, 25 May 2012

The Church of England, US style

As churches have continued to empty throughout Wales during Dr Barry Morgan's reign as Archbishop (over 15% according to figures reaching me), VirtueOnline paints a depressing picture of the direction of the Crown Nominations Commission now thought likely "to be driven by TEC supporters, headed by the Archbishop of Wales, Barry Morgan who is closely aligned with the full agenda of the Episcopal Church that includes the likes of New Westminster Bishop Michael Ingham, TEC Presiding Bishop Jefferts Schori, Canadian Anglican Archbishop Fred Hiltz and many others." 

God help us!

More from the Telegraph here.


  1. Just read that Mass attendance in the RC diocese of Down and Connor has fallen by 23% in the last six years; is ++Barry to blame for that too?

  2. Of course not directly but it clearly illustrates what happens when the church strays from the way.

  3. No, you are right, the fact that one Catholic diocese are down in communicants can't be nailed on Barry. But then, he has a whole province which was once led by the whole bench from the front. Now, because of 'His Otherness', they are not even represented on the Representative Body, save only through 'Him' of course.He is a liberal dictator.

    Accept it my friend, Barry does not have the spirit of Christ.This is the 'Wolf dressed up in sheeps clothing'. He is as bent as a banna! Look out England.

  4. What! Archbishop of Wales being blamed for the fall in Mass attendance in a Roman catholic diocese of 23% in 6 years? Blimey, don't insult Dr Morgan's talents. It wouldn't take him half the time to achieve such deterioration.